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Became known, some trees will be planted on Khreshchatyk chestnuts instead

Стало известно, какие деревья высадят на Крещатике вместо каштановPlanted more than 200 trees.

Kiev has long been called the city of chestnuts. This tree is depicted in the famous Kiev cake, and before it was splashed on the arms of the city. In recent years, the chestnut trees in the capital are experiencing difficult times: they suffer from various diseases, early showered and did die. Experts in the field of botany that now is the time to replace them with other trees.

On the main street of the capital is 232 wells, which will be planted new trees.

It brought together representatives of profile committees of administration, Director of utilities, experts in the field of botany and social activists. Among trees which should be planted on Khreshchatyk, called sycamore, cherry and bird horacistas red. Because of these options voted the inhabitants of Kiev in online voting.

According to the acting Director-General TO “Kinsalebeg” Natalia Belous, chestnuts in the center of Kiev is already impossible to save. The problem of death exists in many big cities: “We tried to treat the mole, but the mole is put on the already diseased chestnuts. That is, to deliver him from moth, but the tree is already hurt. The only way out is the processing of their chemistry. But spraying chemicals in the city centre – it is dangerous for human health. Anyway, we have to find an alternative to chestnuts,” – said Natalia.

Стало известно, какие деревья высадят на Крещатике вместо каштанов

Such trees can appear on the Khreshchatyk: sycamore, chestnut, cherry bird

The majority of participants were in favour of planting trees on Khreshchatyk. This tree quickly takes root, it is easiest to look after, and appearance of the street will be no worse than chestnuts. For sycamore spoke, including the Director of the office of ecology and natural resources of Kyiv city state administration Andrey malovany. According to him, the choice of the tree will reduce the risks that the tree does not survive, and facilitate the work in the care of the utilities.

But the candidate of biological Sciences Tatiana Cepicka sure that people knowingly voted for horacistas red: “I think many residents of Kiev will not be able to take another tree on Khreshchatyk, in addition to chestnut,” said Tatiana.

Discussing agreed that it is necessary to find optimum option, which will delight residents and guests of the capital, but it is well take root and provide oxygen to the main street of Kiev. You selected the family tree will be planted in 2019, in the framework of the overhaul of the downtown.

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