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Became known, some people get sick more often and die sooner

Стало известно, какие люди чаще болеют и раньше умираютThe scientists said, some people get sick more often and die sooner.

The study found that angry people often get sick. This is one of many reasons why this kind of temperament is deadly.

Since childhood we have learned information about how to be a good man good and evil is bad. However, a significant number of scientific studies show that it is not in fairy tales or morality, but in the real functioning of our body. So, scientists from the University of Iowa have found that evil men aged 20 to 40 years in one and a half times more likely to have died 35 years compared with those who had a more calm temperament. The researchers believe that this is a physiological DNA damage due to the constant release of adrenaline during periods of stress. Another study showed that state anger evokes strong reactions amygdala — region of the brain associated with survival instincts. As a result, the person increases the level of anxiety that does not allow him to sleep. And this has a negative impact on health and life expectancy.

Scientists have found that strong emotions lead to a surge of stress hormones, which increases blood flow to the brain and causes swelling of blood vessels and nerves in this area. All this may cause the development of chronic headaches. And monitor the lung function of more than 2 000 men over 8 years showed that in conditions of strong stress men often threatening lung disease. In addition, due to chronic anxiety increases the risk of depression.

The constantly elevated levels of stress hormone cortisol in the body causes imbalance of blood sugar levels, suppresses the thyroid gland and even reduce bone mineral density, leading to more frequent illnesses. Chronic anger increases the risk of heart diseases and digestion disorders, due to a decrease in blood flow to the digestive system. Brazilian scientists have shown that angry people are more wrinkled due to the lack of collagen due to the impact of stress on the amount of glucocorticoids, which are important for the production of an important elasticity of the skin component. Well, scientists from the University of Chicago found that anger has a negative impact on blood pressure, which increases the likelihood of developing hypertension, which is in danger of a stroke and heart attack.

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