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Became known, some passwords can be hacked in just a few seconds

Стало известно, какие пароли можно взломать за несколько секундThe four-digit password on iPhone cracked in under a minute.

If you are serious about the protection of your personal data, you will certainly be interested to know that four digit password of your iPhone can be hacked in just 50 seconds. And even if you put the checkbox on erasing data after ten unsuccessful password attempts, you are also unlikely to save.

Recently, a new EverythingApplePro told about the Chinese acquired the gadget, which is capable of simultaneously and quickly enough to pick up passwords on three iPhone. Fortunately for most, that thing works only with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, so, first and foremost, the following information will be of interest to owners of the newest Apple smartphones.

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The principle of operation is simple: it is banal bruteforcing, that is, automatically going through all the possible numeric combinations. But do not hurry to issue a sarcastic “pfff!”: the device is supplied with a user manual how to bypass the erase phone after 10 failed attempts.

It turns out that if you install on an iPhone the iPhone in DFU mode and before the first start you will be asked to enter the passcode, in this situation the “rule of ten attempts” doesn’t work. At this point, and comes into effect Chinese gadget that can crack a four digit password in less than a minute.

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So if you have an iPhone 7 and you are anxious about the protection of their personal data, we strongly recommend to set it with a complex password. The benefit of newer versions of iOS such a possibility.

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