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Became known, some experts the most popular in Ukraine

Стало известно, какие специалисты самые востребованные в УкраинеShortage of skilled workers continues for a long time, and every year only worse.

Workers in Ukraine become smaller. Effect as a General reduction in the number of workers due to the low prestige of labor professions and migration of the best professionals abroad to work.

The shortage of personnel in Ukraine continues for a long time, and every year it only escalates. The demand for manpower is growing. That is, the gap between demand and supply is rapidly increasing.

“We need laborers, builders, masons, painters, fitters, joiners, carpenters, plumbers, assemblers, production workers, seamstresses, etc. Over the past year the number of vacancies has tripled, but employers are unable to find these professionals, they are simply not on the market,” said an HR expert Tatyana Pashkina.

Manpower shortage confirmed by the companies themselves. While employers have noticed that the problem is the low qualification of specialists.

“A shortage no doubt exists, and it is not associated with quantity but with quality. A month ago we increased the number of posts at the station, respectively, required additional staff to work on them. Responses to summary on average we receive up to ten a day. But only one or two candidates can come to the requested position. Even if the person is suitable, it may not suit our schedule or other conditions,” — said the expert on work with staff of the service center Julia Mironets.

The training of workers, we engaged in the system of vocational education, is the former vocational school, now the schools and colleges. Experts say that at first glance, there is not so bad. Educational institutions are gaining enough entrants. However, the image of these institutions and of professions in General остаетсz low.

“Do not know how to work the head — will go to vocational school,” the classic “horror story” that scare the seniors, the parents, trying to attach them in any Institute.

“As a result, schools are not the most capable and motivated. Not all graduates then work in the specialty. Although there are exceptions. For example, hairdressing, sewing. The same sewing workshops are now many, and graduates without work do not sit. But the prestige of the professions still lost,” said Club organizer Tutors in Ukraine, teacher of Alexander Rudenko.

As emphasized by the President of the Tutors ‘ Association of Ukraine Sergey Vetrov, the younger generation is not interested to “work with hands”, therefore, vocational schools often begin to teach, for example, lawyers, instead of engineers, to somehow make ends meet.

“Scholarship in a vocational school 8-12 UAH/day, Who can live on such money? Now the situation is such that unskilled personnel between young and old professionals formed a huge abyss. This is largely the fault of the state, because it promotes the work of the profession, pressure business taxes, etc. So it is not surprising that many professionals decide to leave to work abroad,” — said of the wind.

Wages are rising

Even despite the fact that scarce specialists in Ukraine over the past year raised salaries by 20-30%, to a foreign wage, they still fall short. It is therefore not surprising that the experts prefer Poland or the Czech Republic, and not work at home.

“There the average wage is at the level of 20-25 thousand. The more physical the work, the more you pay. Although it is worth noting that in some narrow specialties and our salaries are not inferior to foreign,” said Tatyana Pashkina.

Salary increases for scarce human resources could not affect the price tags of the companies themselves. After all, payroll is an integral part of the permanent expenses of the employer.

“The growth of the s/n of the employees is one of the factors which explain the increase in the cost of services, although it is not the main and not the only one. On increase of price tags affects the cost of raw materials, energy and so forth However, once in a year and a half we have increased the cost of standard hour. A year ago the figure was 280 UAH, 300 UAH now,” said Julia Mironets.

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