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Became known, some diesel cars do Ukrainians prefer

Стало известно, какие дизельные автомобили предпочитают украинцыDiesel cars in Ukraine is very popular.

In Ukraine, the diesel cars are in high demand. 10 sold on the Ukrainian market of new cars approximately four have diesel engine.

The popularity of diesel engines easy to explain. Before petrol cars, they have significant advantages:

diesels are on average 30% more economical;
diesel engines usually have a larger resource;
the engines are “high-torque” (have more torque).

However, there is a car on diesel and significant deficiencies.

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One of the main disadvantages of diesel engines – they are more expensive than petrol models with the engine with similar capacity. Although, if you search, you can find on the Ukrainian market and relatively inexpensive machine.

Below you will find ten of the most popular models in Ukraine, cars with a diesel engine. The rankings are based on data from analytical edition of Autoconsulting.

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10. Toyota Land Cruiser ($38 000)
9. BMW X5 ($49 300)
8. Seat Alteca ( from $33 400)
7. Mercedes GLE-Class ( from $54 400)
6. Renault Sandero ($13 200)
5. Audi Q7 ( from $72 500)
4. Volkswagen Tiguan ( from $31 400)
3. Renault Duster ($17 500)
2. Renault Logan ( from $13 600)
1. Kia Sportage ( from $23 100)

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