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Became known, some crossovers Ukrainians prefer

Стало известно, какие кроссоверы предпочитают украинцыTOP 10 popular SUVs in Ukraine.

The most popular class of cars in Ukraine in 2017 – crossovers. If you look at the TOP 10 best-selling cars, you’ll see that six out of 10 cars – SUVs. And one of them leads the “top ten”.

In Ukraine it is best to sell Korean, Japanese, German and French crossovers. But us why-that not in honor.

German brands most popular cars of the raised passableness from Volkswagen. Among the French demand for SUV Renault, while Peugeot and Citroen popularity can not boast.

Of the two “Koreans” — Hyundai and Kia – most Ukrainians make their choice in favor of the latter. Although in General both brands feel confident enough to Ukraine.

Among Japanese brands the undisputed leader of Toyota.

If to speak about specific models, then “ten” is the most popular in Ukraine crossovers as follows.

10. Mercedes GLE-Class ($67 000)

Mercedes GLE-Class is the most expensive crossover in the top ten Ukrainian SUV of the bestselling and one of the most expensive cars in its class in our country.

The GLE-Class is in the TOP 10 expensive crossovers of Ukraine. Maximum prices for cars of more than 5 million hryvnia. On the Ukrainian market at its cost, the GLE yields only two SUVs. How exactly – see this link.

9. Mitsubishi Outlander ($23 000)

In Ukraine, the Mitsubishi Outlander offers a choice of one of two petrol motors:

2-liter capacity 145 HP;
2.4-liter with a power of 167 HP
With 2-liter unit drive can be as front and full. But the second engine is offered in the “kit” exclusively with all-wheel drive.

8. Audi Q7 ($150 64)

Audi Q7 is another SUV from the ranking of the TOP 10 most expensive crossovers in Ukraine.

The German SUV is available with both petrol and diesel engine capacity of 3 liters.

Q7 has permanent four-wheel drive.

7. Suzuki Vitara ($16 500)

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Suzuki Vitara is offered solely with a 1.6-liter petrol engine capacity of 115 horsepower.

In more expensive models available all-wheel drive.

Transmission: 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic.

6. Nissan Qashqai ($18 700)

In Ukraine, the Nissan Qashqai is offered exclusively with petrol engines. In showrooms on a choice will offer two units:

1.2-liter capacity of 115 horsepower;
The 2.0-liter with a power of 144 horsepower.
Both engines work with a manual transmission. The first can also work in tandem with the machine. And one with a CVT.

The crossover can boast drive drive.

Prices for “Qashqai” in Ukraine will start with 486 000.

5. Volkswagen Tiguan ($30 000)

Volkswagen Tiguan – the most expensive car in this “top ten”. Even in the minimum configuration of the German crossover is worth more than $30 000.

In Ukraine “Tiguan” can be purchased with one of three engines:

The 1.4-litre petrol;
2-litre petrol;
2-litre diesel.
Volkswagen Tiguan is in the TOP 10 most popular in the world of crossovers 2017.

4. Hyundai Tucson ($23 245)

Tucson – the most popular crossover the Hyundai. A few years ago, the Koreans introduced a new generation car, a test drive which you can find at this link.

Hyundai Tucson in Ukraine has a wide choice of motors:

The 1.6-litre petrol power 177 HP;
The 2.0-litre petrol with a capacity of 155 HP.;
1.7-liter diesel with a capacity of 115 HP.;
The 2.0-litre diesel power 185 HP
“Tucson” to buy, both in front and all-wheel drive.

If you take the crossover with a 2-liter gasoline engine, you will be offered a choice of automatic or manual 6-speed transmission. The second petrol engine is paired exclusively with a 7-spinatum robot.

The two-litre diesel is only offered with a 6-speed automatic, 1.7 liter – manual transmission.

Prices on the Ukrainian Hyundai Tucson dealers starting from $245 23.

Hyundai Tucson is in the TOP 10 most popular in the world of crossovers 2017.

3. Toyota RAV-4 ($23 140)

RAV-4 claims the title of all terrain vehicle. However, full drive it is only in one set. In other you will receive a drive only on forward wheels.

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Toyota RAV-4 inferior to, for example, Renault Duster on road clearance – the “Japanese” he is about 15 mm less.

RAV-4, it is possible to take:

The 2.0-liter petrol engine capacity of 145 HP.;
The 2.2-litre diesel engine producing 150 HP.
All-wheel drive and 6-speed automatic is offered only with a diesel engine. The petrol engine is paired with 6-speed mechanics, or 7-speed CVT.

2. Renault Duster ($13 855)

Duster — the cheapest SUV in the European. Collect it at the Romanian plant “Reno”. In many European markets it is sold under the brand Dacia.

Renault Duster is built on the basis of “Logan”. In Ukraine the car is offered as front-wheel and all-wheel drive. The motor can also be both gasoline and diesel.

The cheapest option is the “Duster” drive only the front wheels and with a gasoline 1.6-liter engine. This variant ground clearance by 5 mm smaller than the all-wheel drive version. However, the trunk is nearly 70 litres more.

The range of engines of Renault Duster are:

The 1.6-litre petrol engine 105 HP;
A 1.5-liter diesel engine with 110 “horses”.
Transmission may be mechanical with five or six speeds, and 6-speed automatic.

1. Kia Sportage ($21 055)

The new Kia Sportage is a very interesting option for those looking for a “SUV”. “The Korean” has a wide selection of engines – two petrol and diesel. And one of diesel engine capacity of 1.7 liters in extra-urban cycle consumes just 4.2 liters per 100 km, which is very modest for such a car.

You can choose how the front-and all-wheel drive “Sportage”. The only significant “minus” is a relatively small for a crossover, ground clearance is 182 mm, about 25 mm less than the Renault Duster.

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