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Became known new hero for Heroes Of The Storm

Стал известен новый герой Heroes Of The StormThe next character is closely associated with the revival of the Horde.

A new character from Warcraft will soon be available in Heroes of the Storm. Garrosh Hellscream, Warchief of the Horde, is a hero-tank, which is extremely difficult to kill.

While some of the characters hard to kill because they often use abilities that protects them from physical damage or become invulnerable, Garrosh gets less damage after loss health. His passive, Armor Up, gives him one armor for every 2% health lost. Minimum health indicator it will be very difficult to kill in the early stages of the game.

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The first ability Garrosh is a Groundbreaker. It is a wave, able to stroke to throw the enemy characters. It also deals damage. Bloodthirst heals the hero for 10% of his missing health or 20% if Garrosh attacked the enemy hero. Wrecking Ball allows you to throw back the enemy behind the Orc. Capacity ideal for luring the enemy to the allied towers.

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Heroic ability — Warlord”s Challenge. It imposes a silence on heroes for 1.5 seconds. The second option is Decimate, which does damage and slows nearby enemies.

Blizzard also released a video where you can see the new content: vehicles, forms, avatars, graffiti, emoticons.
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