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Became known, inhabited the deadliest cat in the world

Стало известно, где обитает самая смертоносная кошка в миреLittle cat per night, killing more than leopard for six months.

Black-footed cat, living in Africa, is the deadliest cat on the Ground.

It is noted that the black-footed cat has a round face and brindle color. An adult weighs 1-3 kg and its body length does not exceed 52 cm
However, despite its small size, black-footed cat overnight kills more prey than the leopard for six months.

Small carnivore has a quick metabolism, and constantly needs to recharge energy. Overnight black-footed cat kills between 10 and 14 rodents.

This means that on average, it catches the victim every 50 minutes. The success rate for hunting is 60%, which is three times more than the lions.

Despite the fact that black-footed cat poses no danger to gazelles and antelopes, it is the deadliest cat in the world.

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