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Became known, how many tourists traveled abroad in 2017

Стало известно, сколько туристов путешествовало за границу в 2017 году  This figure will continue to grow.

In 2017 the international border crossed 1.2 billion tourists by 2030, their number will increase to 1.8 billion. This was stated by the head of the world tourism organization (UNWTO) Taleb Rafai.

According to him, tourism is often seen as something secondary, but for many countries it is the engine of economic development. The largest country donors were China, South Korea, USA and Canada.

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At the same time, said Raphael, excessive influx of tourists often harms the environment, leads to excessive load on the infrastructure, and threatened cultural-historical values, which attract attention of travelers. So you need to wrap the advantages of tourism for the benefit of mankind and minimize its negative consequences.

In the world tourism organization recalled that 2017 has broken another record for the number of international tourists. Recall, Hong Kong was ranked first in the ranking of the most popular among tourists cities in 2017.

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With the beginning of the year the metropolis was visited by almost 26 million people. The top ten most visited cities include Bangkok (about 23 million visitors), London (19.8 million people), Singapore, Macau, Dubai, Paris, new York, Shenzhen and Kuala Lumpur.

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