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Became known, how many meters has shifted the Earth’s axis

Стало известно, на сколько метров сместилась ось Земли The process of displacement is still ongoing.

Scientists have noted that over the last hundred years, the axis of rotation of our planet has shifted almost 11 meters.

This process was triggered by several factors:

– increase in average annual temperature led to the melting of glaciers, as a result, the Global sea level has risen;
– territories due to the melting of the ice load has gone down, the land has become more;
– inside the planet is logged to the slow outflow of the viscous layer of the mantle.

Regular surveys showed that each year the misalignment occurs in the direction of 74° West longitude. First, experts blamed the changes, glacial isostatic adjustment, when the Land freed from the ice of the ballast rises to a certain height. However, the only reason the offset would occur only at 3.5 cm, not 10.5.

NASA in the computer simulation, also cited factors such as changes in sea level, depletion of groundwater, construction of new tanks etc. Later it turned out that the offset is also affected by the mantle, which moves unevenly heated substance first goes up from the core, and then descends as it cools down.

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