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Became known, how many in Ukraine there are Russian-language schools

Стало известно, сколько в Украине осталось русскоязычных школIn the state structure called the official figures.

In Ukraine 10% of pupils study in Ukrainian language. Of these, 9.4 percent are enrolled in Russian language.

This statement was made by Deputy Minister of education and science Paul Habza.

We have 10% of the students do not learn in the state language. This is according to statistics last year. 9.4 per cent — those who are studying in the Russian language, 0,4% — in Hungarian and Romanian. And in about 5 schools in Polish,
— said Paul Habza.

Such a statement he made after the adoption of the new law “On education”, which caused outrage in some neighbouring countries.

In addition, Paul Hobza told that it had called Deputy Minister of education of Bulgaria with the question, will they close after the adoption of the law on Sunday the Bulgarian school and will cancel if the study of the Bulgarian language. What Paul is Hobza said that the Bulgarian language in the schools studied 78 children, and there is no purely Bulgarian school. Therefore, in this case, the provisions of the new law will not limit the study of the language of a national minority.

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