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Became known, from-for what products we grow old faster

Стало известно, из-за каких продуктов мы быстрее стареемSimple carbohydrates – fastest way to obesity and aging.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that consumption of salty foods in large quantities accelerates the onset of old age.

Because you should strictly limit your diet excessively salty, pickled and smoked foods and dishes.

“Salt increases blood pressure, affects the collagen and reduces skin elasticity. Excess salt causes swelling and leads to a rapid formation of wrinkles. The love of sweets causes an increase in the level of insulin in blood which affects blood vessels and speeds up the process of aging.

And if dark chocolate in small amounts is not only tolerated but it is recommended – to set the mood, vigor and rapid saturation of carbohydrates, the cakes and cream cakes, chocolates with fillings and other Goodies, to forget, at least until the holidays. An alternative may be natural sorbets, fruit salads, marshmallows, or almonds (in small quantities because of their high caloric content)”, – the doctor advises Victoria Savitskaya.

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Coffee and alcohol should also be strictly limited in the diet of those who want to remain young. They contribute to dehydration, and because of this lost skin elasticity, wrinkles become deeper and form faster.

It should also be remembered that simple carbohydrates – fastest way to obesity and aging. They contain, for example, white bread, pasta made with white flour, and of course, all cakes cakes and croissants, buttery pastries, sweet rolls. They slow down the production of collagen and elastin, as a result, the cells of the body lose their elasticity and age faster, and the skin looks loose.

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“A very serious enemy of youth, health and beautiful appearance are any semi-finished products, as well as hamburgers, French fries, all deep fried, etc Fast food almost always contains TRANS fats and they clog arteries, causing the skin becomes frail and loses its elasticity,” warned the expert.

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