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Became aware of the shocking effects of global warming

Стало известно о шокирующих последствиях глобального потепленияPart of Antarctica the size of India lost their ice.

Scientists note that the amount of sea ice in Antarctica and the Arctic reached a record low, an area the size of India was exposed because of rising global temperatures.

Researchers worry that the effects of global warming may be much worse than previously thought.

Causes strange and unexpected effect of melting huge amounts of ice is called a combination of increasing anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, weather-related disasters type of El niño and the natural fluctuations in the weather.

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“There are some really crazy things. The temperature in some areas in November, a few days was approximately 20 degrees Celsius above the norm,” said mark Serrez, Director of the US National Institute on snow and ice in boulder, Colorado.

In particular, the area of Arctic sea ice on December 4, decreased by 3 840 000 square kilometers compared to the average level in 1981-2010. This is an area the size of India or Alaska for two.

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At the moment, the ice around Antarctica is the smallest area since 1982.

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