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Became aware of the open Sepulchre

Стала известна дальнейшая судьба открытого Гроба ГосподняEarlier archaeologists first removed the marble slab with a funerary Bed of Christ, which was established in 1555.

For the first time since the XVI century the Bed of the Resurrection will be available to everyone.

This was the head of restoration at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Anthony Maropolo said in an interview.

Believers will be able to see the Shrine through the window on top, which is going to make in the skid plate restorers. It is noted that the temple, despite the work already open and serving at the Lord’s Tomb are made on schedule.

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As told the TV channel, the Patriarch of the Holy city of Jerusalem and all Palestine Theophilos III, the main difficulty that had to be overcome before restoration began, was to obtain consent from all of the six Christian denominations that jointly owns the temple.

“The decision to repair the Holy Edicule was the blessing of God, and I don’t see this as a human will but only the will of the Lord. That the Lord has blessed you now start the repairs,” — said the Patriarch, rejecting speculation that the open sepulcher was a sacrilege.

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