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Became aware of new technology in the iPhone 2019

Стало известно о новой технологии в iPhone 2019 годаIPhone in 2019 there will be more antennas than the iPhone Xs

Ming-Chi Kuo never ceases to amaze reliable forecasts and interesting insights. This time he told me about a new technology of antennas that will be used in iPhone 2019.

If you believe the information, which the analyst got from one of the investors, Apple wants to replace the liquid crystal polymer antenna (LCP) modified antennas of polyimide (MPI).

But why? First, the new antenna MPI not less powerful and more stable than LCP. Second, they will give the company the opportunity to expand the number of suppliers of productive capacity which is not always enough.

In 2019 the iPhone can be used from four LCP antenna and two antennas MPI. For comparison, the iPhone Xs are the only four antenna LCP.

The analyst stresses that the increase in the number of antennas can be associated with the pursuit of 5G. However, to talk about the Apple transition to the new standard yet.

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