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“Beauty life hacks” used by Soviet women. Photo

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. ФотоNow they seem strange.

In the Soviet Union especially popular among women received the publication, taught to care for themselves, to do makeup, pick up clothes, etc. That some of the recommendations relevant to this day. But some tips that were used by mothers and grandmothers, are puzzling: is it possible to live?! In this set – 9 tips from the books for Soviet girls and women. Tips that could transform Belle from the famous tale in “Antibully”.

Definitely most at home on the shelves among the classics of lost books, “You, girl!”, “Health and beauty”, etc. is Quite serious authors – the candidates all sorts of Sciences, a cosmetologist with huge experience – was given to the Soviet beauties master class: proper hair washing to the list of dietary products. But sometimes, in the midst of councils for Soviet women in the field of beauty and hygiene, there are very strange, inappropriate, impossible from the point of view of the inhabitant of the 21st century.

Tip 1. Wash the head 2 times a month

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. Фото

“The owners of oily hair is recommended to wash your hair 1 time a week, for normal and dry hair rather than 1 time in 2 weeks”. Hard to imagine, but this is absolutely a real recommendation from the brochure for girls. The argument provided iron: more frequent washing washes away the scalp’s protective layer and damages the hair.

In fact, the Council is quite dangerous: excess oil clog the pores of the scalp, prevent correct the sebaceous glands and worsen the condition of the hair and can trigger a headache.

Tip 2. Oily hair sprinkle flour

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. Фото

“If you are in a hurry and do not have time to wash your hair, the excess oil from the hair can be removed using the flour, powder and bran”. Especially curious why the author found it combing of granular product out of the hair faster operation than conventional shampooing… on the other hand, in the Council there is a grain of truth: not for nothing that modern manufacturers of cosmetics for hair care serves as an alternative means dry shampoo (e.g., “Dove”). And yet bran and flour, as well as ashes on the head is better not to sprinkle.

And even Soviet girls recommended “to keep hair clean without washing” – using the daily combing hair, because in the process of “fat is evenly distributed along the entire length”.

Tip 3. The best cure for hairy legs – hydrogen peroxide!

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. Фото

For a long time among Soviet women was common belief that hair removal resorted to only girls… a little bit of easy virtue. Summer on the streets of even large cities, it was easy to meet a fairly well-groomed woman with dark growth on the lower legs or even in the armpits – it was not considered shameful.

“The only useful means of bleaching hair of a 5% hydrogen peroxide” – read brochures on health and beauty. The use of razors, according to the Soviet “beauty experts” would lead to disastrous consequences – growth in even more dark and coarse hair. Obviously, repeated use of the shaver even anticipated.

Tip 4. Ideal weight: “the growth in centimeters minus one hundred”

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. Фото

This formula has become rather widespread in the Soviet Union. It turns out, the woman height 170 sm could afford a weight of 70 kg? If you calculate the BMI (body mass index), with these values it is equal to 24.2. Despite the fact that 25 and above qualifies as “normal”.

Tip 5. “Light Breakfast”: a little milk, butter, ham, eggs and a Cup of juice

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. Фото

Because, according to Soviet “beauty consultant”, “after a hearty Breakfast again want to sleep,” recommended only “a little snack”. Products, which should consist of a light Breakfast, “milk, butter, cheese, ham and egg.” Drink “crumbs” recommended “fruit juice”. Now at least clear about “ideal weight” of Soviet women.

Tip 6. “The convex eyes shadow not to eat”

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. Фото

If literally – “the convex eyes shade is better not to drink, but with a strong desire to use them…”. And thanks for that. All bug-eyed, which is very desirable, but not.

Also women’s publications recommended exclusively blue-eyed blue eyeshadow and imposed a taboo on the color of the lower eyelash: “Mascara is applied on the upper lashes only. The lower eyelid should not paint nor ink, nor pencil.”

Tip 7. Wide arched eyebrow optimal for strong women

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. Фото

Again, look to the source: “Wide-arched eyebrows give the face a rigor”. So the unibrow is the perfect solution for insufficiently charismatic teachers. Minimum correction – a career in the mountain. It is a pity that Frida Kahlo lived in the Soviet Union…

Tip 8. Not to spoil the bride makeup

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. Фото

But the Council of “Encyclopedia of the young family” brides “the wedding day”: “to do makeup, if you decide to resort to it”. In fact, the author is right about something: what if this is the bride, whose “bulging eyes”. Her makeup is not recommended!

Tip 9. Stooped ladies to sew the shoulder pads closer to the back

«Бьюти-лайфхаки», которыми пользовались советские женщины. Фото

“Stoop, you can hide, if “shoulders” to slip to the back” – says the author of the Soviet brochure for women. However, there is also a number of “common deficiencies” related “broad shoulders” that you want to hide under the long and wide scarves. Broad-shouldered Soviet “ugly” were not even aware that quite meet runway standards.

By the way, the shoulder pads came into Vogue in the 1980-ies: the photographs you can often see the ultra-modern girls in blouses and dresses with exaggerated broad shoulders, like the College football players. Fashion fashion – still posture better correct, not to camouflage with the help of foam on the back.

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