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Beauty digest: flavored lipsticks-natural Chupa Chups to masks for the face in the form of skulls

Kim Kardashian has created a new fruit flavors in unusual bottles, osnovatelnee line of cosmetics and the most read blogger of the East Huda Kattan has produced its own reality show, and Zoe Kravitz was the face of the fragrance Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent. What else they talked about in the world of beauty this week — see our category “beauty digest”.

Flavors KKW Fragrance in bottles in the form of Emoji

From day to day in the sale of fragrances, Fragrance KKW — another creation of Kim Kardashian. The collection is released in the form of emoticons from her set of stickers — peach, cherry and speech-bubble. The first fragrance is filled with notes of peach, nectarine, Jasmine, vanilla, musk and sandalwood. In the second mixed cherry, strawberry, Gardenia, vanilla and woody notes. And the third is woven from chords of watermelon, pineapple, bergamot, Apple, peony, Jasmine, amber and cedar. Cost novelty will be about $ 45.

Brilliant hack to make the elastic normal form

Gum-springs in the form of telephone wires is one of the best beauty inventions of recent years. They don’t leave creases, suitable for all hair types, they do not have a headache, they don’t get wet, so this is a godsend for sea or pool. Their only drawback — they tend to stretch, and very strong and quite fast. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to restore their original appearance. When your rubber band is stretched, just put it in boiling water, mumbo Jumbo, and it is like new. Such a “rescue operation” you can perform repeatedly.

Huda Kattan starts his own show

The most popular blogger in the Middle East and the founder of the brand Huda Beauty, 34-year-old Huda Kattan started his own reality show Huda Boss, which will go every Tuesday on Facebook Watch (this is a special platform to view videos, similar to YouTube). Do we create a new beauty product, shoot an advertising campaign, working on a training video or just fooling around in the office, people are watching my program and feel ownership of it, it’s good, — said the Huda portal Popsugar. Today, the Kattan account in Instagram has more than 26 million subscribers, so do not be surprised if the show will break all records in terms of views.

Chupa Chups has released a line of cosmetics that I want to eat

Finally, a beauty line Korean brand Chupa Chups has reached and Russia. Cool liquid lipstick-the formula on the wand came in pink, orange, red, peach, scarlet and crimson shades. Their flavors reiterate the scents of your favorite sweets childhood: strawberries and cream, orange, raspberry, strawberry and watermelon. By the way, tint can replace you and blush. Velvet lipstick-the formula is ideal for creating the effect zatselovali lips, and the tone cushion will create the image of fresh young roses. He, however, produced only in one shade, and very light, but I hope that lines will appear and other. There is a range of stamps and tools for eyes is liquid eye shadow with sequins that do not crumble and are easy to apply.

Mask to set the mood from Mimiang

In fact, the filters of the Snapchat will certainly be delighted with the new masks of the Korean brand Mimiang. They are incredibly fun to design, but effective and easy to use. One series dedicated to Halloween (masks in the form of skulls), the second animal (here you are the cute faces of the sea lions, pigs, and zebras), the third is useful sweets. In the brand’s assortment there are also special masks for beginners (a series of “my first mask”). In the composition of new products — sea minerals, collagen, Niacinamide and exotic ingredients like snail extract, pearl extract and swallow nests.

Unbelievable but true: Meghan Markle herself doing makeup for formal events

Some days Megan Markle, along with her husband, Prince Harry, is in Ireland. Fans admire not only her stylish outfits, but also their expectations. You must think over the makeup of the Duchess employs a team of makeup artists, but it is not. As it turned out, the ex-actress now makes his own make-up. Megan’s makeup artist Daniel Martin and posted in her blog from the trip to Dublin and wrote that she was putting on the event. This fact was confirmed by the insider who told the magazine HELLO!, what the Prince and Duchess on the trip was accompanied by 11 assistants, but the makeup artist was not among them. However, without a personal hairdresser, Megan is still not done (probably branded a careless beam of the Duchess was very demanding).

Zoe Kravitz has become the new face of the fragrance Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent

The daughter of lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet 29-year-old Zoe, who now is an international Ambassador for beauty Yves Saint Laurent will now present a new fragrance composition of the brand. I’m so happy to be a new Ambassador of this incredible, bold, iconic fragrances. Black Opium is a modern legend and an honour for me to be able to share his power with people all over the world. I have always enjoyed working with this legendary brand and I want to transfer it to a new level, ‘ said Kravitz. Advertising campaign with the participation of Zoe was shot by international photographer and Director Jonas lindström. In the video, which will be presented to the public on 18 August, the actress walks across the roofs of the night city.

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