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Beautiful beaches, hides a deadly danger. Photo

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. ФотоThe most dangerous places for a beach holiday.

Sharks, which often swim quite close to the shore, cleverly disguised miniature crocodiles and poisonous jellyfish, which are virtually indistinguishable in clean water are just a partial list of the dangers that can trap you during a vacation on the coast. Some incredibly beautiful beaches decades ago was contaminated, and others are actively developing civilization turned into a dump. Environmentally safe beaches choose habitat for wild animals, so they too cannot be called an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. Not to be mistaken with the choice of location for a vacation, be sure to read the rating, it noted the threat for a beach holiday places on the planet.

Beach, Zipolite, Mexico

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

One of the most dangerous beaches on the planet to be found in Mexico, literally the name of Zipolite beach can be translated with the Mexican as the “beach of the dead”. Incredibly dangerous this attractive, at first glance, the beach makes a strong underwater currents, which can not cope even experienced swimmers. As a rule, the heaviest impact of currents becomes significant in the summer period, however, the Zipolite beach is not empty even in the summer. It has long been popular with naturists and hippies, and people who prefer to relax in a relaxed and relatively uncrowded atmosphere.

The Zipolite beach is located in the eponymous town, its length is about 1 500 meters. Near the beach, holiday was built several restaurants and even mini-hotels, where for a very modest fee you can rent a room for a few days or a few hours. For many years annually on the beach people are dying, to prevent the tragedy, not even experienced lifeguards. Everywhere on the beach you can see signs announcing the prohibition of swimming, but many visitors do not pay any attention to them.

If you do not go into the water, Zipolite can be quite safe and pleasant place of rest. On this stretch of coast is home to many pelicans, which you can watch for hours for Hiking the beach is also perfect. Resting on the coast, it is not surprising when local merchants politely offered a choice of several types of drugs. Those who do not consume, you should just politely decline. Over the years, behind the beach of Zipolite has long gained the status of “where everything is possible.”

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

Located among boundless waters of the Pacific ocean, the Marshall Islands long popular with lovers of exotic places. Part of the archipelago of Bikini Atoll is considered to stay incredibly dangerous, and not because of strong underwater currents or dangerous marine life. In 1946, the United States chose the charming island location for conducting nuclear tests, more than 12 years on site experienced hydrogen and atomic bombs.

During this period, the Atoll was moved more than 65 trials, today the main danger for its inhabitants and tourists is the high level of radiation. It is noteworthy that before the start of nuclear testing, the Bikini Atoll was inhabited, people live in the territory today. Since the beginning of the war indigenous people were evacuated to other Islands, but some of them refused to leave their homes. Today the island is home to about ten people, it is regularly visited by tourists, but swimming in contaminated beaches is prohibited.

The incredible beauty of the Atoll was one of the first in the world nuclear test sites on its territory produced some of the most dangerous tests in the history of mankind. The consequences of testing has had an irreparable impact on the structure of the underwater world. If you dive under the water near the Atoll, we can see many fragile underwater craters a kind of lunar landscape hidden in the deep waters of the Pacific ocean.

Beach Chinese, China

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

Hong Kong is the infamous beach Chinese is one of the most dirty and dangerous beaches in the world. In the early 20th century, nearby to the coast site was an active construction, all waste from construction sites were dumped directly into the sea. For decades the once incredibly beautiful and perfectly safe stretch of coast turned into a horrible dump, to go swimming at the beach, Chinese very dangerous now.

Close to the coast is one of the newest and most prestigious districts of Hong Kong, you can see a lot of beautiful skyscrapers, to find upmarket restaurants and shopping pavilions. A few years ago, the scenic stretch of coast began to clean away the accumulated debris, so today it looks much more attractive than 10 years ago. Also taking serious measures to clean the water, however, contamination is still very high.

Beach Chinese is shallow, so it never ceases to attract local children. To frolicking on the seaside the children are often joined by tourists, but most of them prefer to simply stroll along the picturesque promenade. One of the most attractive features of the beach is a huge number of adjacent fish restaurants. Their menu will impress even experienced gourmets, many come here specifically to enjoy the rare marine delicacies.

The beaches on the Tiwi Islands, Australia

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

For many years the most dangerous in the world is Australian beaches, among them the most prominent is the coast of the Tiwi Islands. The main danger in a picturesque and quiet beaches are jellyfish, received burns often lead to death. Jellyfish have a very specific and rare venom that has a paralyzing effect. If you see tiny jellyfish in deep water, the chances of survival will be minimal.

Jellyfish are relatively small, their size does not exceed 2 – 3 cm In this regard, the threat of jellyfish is very difficult to spot in the water. Over the past two decades on the Australian coast it was 32 cases of burns jellyfish, 14 of which resulted in death. The most dangerous burns are for children to save which is rare. The greatest number of jellyfish near the coast of the Tiwi Islands accumulates in the period from early October to late April, this time to swim at the local beaches is strictly prohibited. Also, experts note that the most active poisonous sea creatures in the afternoon.

Every year on the island of Tiwi take a number of measures for cleaning up coastal waters to make them more secure, but to fully protect the coast from the jellyfish is still not possible. Means of first aid when confronted with poisonous tentacles is vinegar, which should drench the place burns. Walking along the coast, Tiwi, on certain sections you can see the huge warning posters, and next to them bottles with vinegar.

Cable Beach, Australia

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

Another Australian beach – cable – received a dangerous because living on its territory crocodiles. The cable beach is considered an important natural attraction and is famous for its futuristic landscapes, walk along some beach areas without the accompaniment of a conductor is strictly prohibited. The beach is located in the vicinity of Broome, its length is about 22 km away. a Significant part of the coast covers the white sand, is safe to say that on the coast create the perfect relaxation atmosphere.

The beach attracts not only fans of water sports, but also the romantics who come to the coast to enjoy the sunset. In recent years, the beach has seen some terrible tragedies on its territory were found the remains of people torn by crocodiles. Some of the witnesses was lucky enough to capture on video and camera of these dangerous predators. Since the beach is very large, some parts are quite desert and are an ideal habitat for crocodiles.

Tourists are advised to spend time on the most lively areas and a beach, in some areas to tourists were opened wonderful restaurants and small hotels. Stroll through remote parts of the coast can only be guided. For many years Australia has a law under which to destroy crocodiles is prohibited. Partly, this was owing to the proliferation of predators annually several times the cable beach is completely closed to the public.

Beach Virginia beach, United States

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

In the United States in the territory of Virginia is an attractive town of Virginia beach, whose main attraction is the eponymous beach. The stretch of coast very beautiful and attractive, but for tourists it can be found very rarely. The reason for this wild Fox from the attacks which have already suffered a huge number of people.

Over the past few years Virginia beach from an ordinary coastal town turned into a large modern resort which is visited annually by thousands of tourists from around the world. The total length of the beach, which for convenience is divided into individual areas, is about 60 km away. More than half of the coast is modern equipped beaches with associated tourism infrastructure, there are on the coast and areas that have retained their original beauty. They attract wild animals, which received scratches and bites can cause serious diseases.

Have threat of the resort and its attractive features, it is one of the cleanest in America. The very first attack of a rabid Fox on the coast of Virginia beach was incorporated in 2010 and, since then, a sad statistic is only getting worse. In addition to wild Fox on the coast you can meet raccoons and squirrels, which are also considered potential carriers of serious diseases. As a rule, wild animals on the coast attracts left garbage or trash cans.

Copacabana Beach, Brazil

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

Legendary Brazilian beach of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro is also among the most dangerous to visit. The fear here should not poisonous jelly-fish and wildlife, and common criminals, every day on the coast of the victims of the robbers are getting dozens of people. Going on a crowded beach, it is not necessary to bring absolutely no valuables. Those who rest on the beach alone, it is not recommended to leave the coast without supervision, even personal clothing and towels, they can be easily stolen.

The beach is quite large and is about 4 km along it is incredibly beautiful promenade of Avenida Atlantica with many cozy restaurants and shops. It is difficult to imagine that a few decades ago on the site of a huge beach resort was a small fishing village of Copacabana. Over the past decade, this area is distinguished not only by the rapidly developing infrastructure, but also the flourishing of illegal activities.

Drugs, prostitution, a huge number of scams and pickpockets are just a few not the best distinguishing features of the popular Brazilian beach. Subject to certain precautionary measures rest on the coast can be quite safe. During the holidays it is not necessary to communicate with strangers and to make any transactions. To the beach one should take as little valuables and in any case not to leave them unattended.

Beach Of Fish Hoek, South Africa

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

South Africa should avoid visiting the beach of fish Hoek, which is one of the world leaders in the number of shark attacks on people. The coast of Cape town has always been a favorite habitat of white sharks, beach fish hook to meet these most dangerous marine predators even at a small depth near the coast. The number of attacks, ended with a lethal outcome, this stretch of coast is a leader not only nationwide, but globally.

To protect bathers on the coast constantly put a special mesh fencing, but even they can’t defend themselves from sharks. Local rescuers can’t envy on the coast, they regularly collect the remains of the bodies of people attacked one of the most dangerous marine predators in the world.

A sharp jump in the number of attacks was recorded on the coast of fish Hoek in 2010, scientists tend to explain it by changes in climatic conditions. Because of climate change, sharks have become more aggressive, and it is not only for the coast of Africa, but for the coastal zones of other continents. Scientists project that in the coming years, the situation may only get worse. This means that one of the most popular beaches of Cape town can be completely closed.

The Beaches Of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

On the beaches of Sao Paulo should take with extreme caution and strictly observe all safety measures, which require located on their territory signs and prohibition signs. The main danger for tourists on local beaches are piranhas, at first glance unremarkable miniature fish are a tremendous threat.

One of the first tragic seasons for a beach holiday in são Paulo began in 2002, when only one of Conceicao beach was recorded 38 cases of attacks by piranhas. Year then the number of accidents on the beaches of Sao Paulo, only increased in December 2009 from attack by piranhas has injured 74 people. Fortunately, to date, no fatalities associated with the attacks of piranhas in the state of são Paulo were recorded. However, bites are dangerous predatory fish often entail the amputation of limbs, which is the only way to save lives.

Flesh-eating piranhas, which can be found in coastal waters, are quite large, they are usually at least 30 cm in length. The most dangerous periods on the beach always establish special signs and prohibitory signs, but many tourists tend to ignore them. Outwardly perfectly serene and attractive, the beaches of Sao Paulo are incredibly dangerous. Deciding to dip them in, it is worth remembering that piranhas are very fast fish. Even if the beach seems to be absolutely safe, you should definitely pay attention to the established nearby warning signs.

Beach Chowpati, India

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

In Mumbai there is a beach to swim where most travelers would not want. The once attractive and clean, today beach Chowpati more like a huge landfill, which was chosen for the life of the local seagulls. Despite the fact that the beach is cleaned regularly, debris on the coast. The fact is that for many years, the beach is a regular venue for noisy national holidays and weekends on site always have noisy parties or festivals.

Experienced travelers say that the cleaner and more attractive all the coast looks like in the end of summer, when it is prepared for the annual festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Before the holiday the beach is thoroughly clean and establish on its territory the big stage, usually dedicated to God Ganache festival starts in late August and ends in September.

The festival is incredibly interesting and has always attracted a large number of tourists. It involved the snake charmers and monkey trainers, astrologers, and artists, and outstanding artists and musicians. The only downside of such events is a huge amount of garbage. Over the years, during which time on the beach spend the most important social events and holidays, it has become almost unusable for a normal beach holiday.

The beaches of Fraser island, Australia

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

Australian Fraser island is also extremely dangerous to stay, despite the huge choice of fabulously beautiful beaches with white sand. The island has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, a significant portion of its beaches are wild. Deserted beaches are home to wild dogs, dingoes often attack people and are particularly dangerous for children. Despite the great danger, the island attracts every year a large number of tourists, it is a landmark of world importance.

Fraser is the largest on the planet sand island, whose length is about 120 km Almost the entire island is covered with sand dunes, whose height can reach 240 meters. To visit the island by yourself tourists are not recommended, but if you go to him accompanied by a guide, you can get a lot of positive impressions.

The locals know perfectly well what parts of the island you can walk completely without fear, and on which beaches you can swim and sunbathe without fear for life and health. In addition to sand dunes and beaches, the island still hides a lot of incredible secrets and mysteries. It has some fabulously beautiful lakes and even forests, inhabited by rare animals and birds. The glorious Fraser island and its archaeological areas, according to scientists, many hundreds of years ago its territory was a major religious and cult buildings.

Oahu Beaches, Hawaii

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

The Hawaiian island of Oahu is incredibly popular among fans of beach holidays and surfers. It coast is considered one of the most dangerous and insidious, each year serious injuries and experienced athletes, and surfers and lovers. The main danger to tourists are the strongest underwater currents to predict the direction of which is extremely difficult and high waves.

One of the most popular with surfers is the beach Ehukai Beach Park. In spring and summer it is relatively safe and is suitable for sports training, even for beginners, but to visit the beach in autumn-winter period is not recommended due to strong waves. Nearby there is another most dangerous beach Pipeline Beach, which also attracts surfers for its powerful waves. To cope with them does not significantly complicate the situation of shallow reefs, drop that deadly.

Many consider the beach and Pipeline Beach are the most deadly in the world, the height of the waves on this stretch of coast often reaches 4 meters. If you fall off the jagged reefs from that height, in the best case, you can avoid fractures and lacerations. Amongst the most dangerous beaches on Oahu worth mentioning Sunset Beach, in the period from September to April to visit it is highly undesirable. During this period, the height of the waves on the coast are often up to 5 metres, the fans to bathe in the comfort of it is best to visit the beach in the summer. Surprisingly, on the picturesque Hawaiian island are the most beautiful, the greenest, and most deadly beaches in the world.

The beaches of Volusia County, United States

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

Located in the United States in the territory of Florida Volusia County beach is also known thanks to a series of sad and tragic events. They are associated with shark attacks, in terms of unprovoked attacks Volusia County has for many years been one of the sure world leaders. A particular danger sharks pose to surfers and divers, who often dive to a dangerous depth, where the meeting with predators are inevitable.

One of the most tragic for the coast became in 2012 the first this year from the bite of a shark injured 21-year-old surfer. Next was the 11-year-old boy who was swimming on very shallow depth and was found with a small shark of unknown species. Largely incredibly dangerous the beach was because of the invasion of small sharks that can swim up quite close to the coast and often fall prey to fishermen.

Despite the fact that on the beach in Volusia County is constantly on duty group of experienced rescuers, to avoid tragic cases could not, shark attacks happen here a few times each year. The beach is not recommended for water activities and swimming, extremely recommend to be careful and to fishermen who come to fish on boats and boats.

Beach Gansbaai, South Africa

Красивые пляжи, скрывающие смертельную опасность. Фото

In South Africa, too many beaches, which are dangerous due to sharks. These include the beach, located on campus, Gansbaai. This stretch of coast is also known under the name “Great White Shark Capital”, which literally translates as the world Capital of the great White Shark. This is true, for many years the coast remains the dwelling place of the most dangerous marine predators. By sharks suffered more than one inexperienced tourists, many vacationers extremely casually refer to the installed off the coast warning, and informational signs.

Many such dangers, in contrast, only attract. Gansbaai, is famous for its underwater beauty, these places are very fond of visiting divers. If some of their prospects to swim under water with white shark scare, for others they become the impetus for a long journey. Of course, that immersion without the proper protection, it is forbidden.

Divers offered to go down to the bottom of the cage with metal bars, which are designed to protect from predators. Entertainment is truly extreme, it is good to prepare the nerves to the fact that sharks will constantly test the strength of the cells. Those who wish to diversify their leisure time with such an unusual pastime, it is best to visit the Bay of Gansbaai in the period from April to October, this time meeting under water with sharks is guaranteed. Ordinary tourists at this time of the year to go into the water is strictly prohibited, as noted earlier, a small species of predators can swim quite close to the shore.

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