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Beauticians suggested as not harmful to health, choosing cosmetics

Косметологи подсказали, как не навредить здоровью, выбирая косметикуToday in pharmacies can buy not only medicines but also cosmetics. Of course you will find cosmetics. All funds were directed for the treatment of problems in different places.

Therapeutic cosmetics aimed at the treatment of skin problems: acne, rosacea. All of this is a skin defects. Usually on cosmetics that are sold in the pharmacy, allergic reactions do not happen. So it can be used safely.

In addition to the skin, the assortment of medical cosmetics is care for hair and scalp. These funds save you from dandruff, fungus of the scalp, hair loss. Because each of us dreams to have a well-groomed, healthy, silky hair.

Popular tools for the body (different moisturizer, body lotion, cleansing and tonics).

Cosmetics for nails gained a leading position. To means on care of nails include various strengthening products, creams for the care of the skin around the nails, vitamin-enriched nail polishes. You can choose for themselves the complex, which will take care of themselves. Unlike medical cosmetics from drugs that the use of cosmetics is allowed and regularly does not cause side effects.

The most important thing – the correct choice of skin care products. The important role played by age, type of skin, hair, the absence of the component, which can be an individual reaction. Medical cosmetics you can buy independently, and you can use the appointments cosmetologists, dermatologists. Can be assigned to the use of medical cosmetics in combination with drugs.

In pharmacies you can find cosmetics to suit every budget. Ranging from cheap and expensive finishing of the more expensive brand and manufacturer. In a shorter time, cosmetics will help You to get rid of the problems that ordinary cosmetics can not afford.

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