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Beauticians pointed out basic errors in the treatment of acne

Косметологи указали на основные ошибки в лечении прыщейUnsightly rash can pursue as a young teen, and adults.

For getting rid of acne there are many ways, but some rules, which many enjoy, is not actually working.

In the journal “the Challenger” cosmetologist Oksana Petrunina called common myths about acne treatment. In particular, according to him, this myth is the belief that acne to help get rid of the clay mask. Although clay is a good absorbent of fat, in the case of aggravation of acne such masks should not be used because they are unsterile and can cause microbial contamination already damaged skin, said the beautician. In addition, she said that should not be considered, if pimples on specific areas of the face indicate problems with a specific internal organ.

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The expert also called a misguided desire to carefully take care of the skin in case of problems. “Often, people who are prone to acne, suffering from manic desire to constantly cleanse the skin, supply some lubrication. This obsession disturbs the natural protective properties of the skin and leads to exacerbation of the disease”, said Kovalev.

Squeezing pimples, and the use of scrubs in the period of acute acne – another serious mistake. According to the cosmetologist, the surface of the skin thus spreading the infection. As a consequence, instead of a single pimple, you may receive five new.

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In addition, Baturina denied the allegation that some foods can provoke the appearance of acne on the skin. “You can be assigned appropriate diet for their treatment but, provided that you healthy the food may not provoke the appearance of acne on the face. The fact that food somehow affects the aggravation of acne is not yet proven,” said the beautician.

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