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Beauticians explained how to properly care for women after 30

Косметологи объяснили, как правильно ухаживать за женской кожей после 30 The skin should start to care, instead of waiting for possible problems.

Aging is an inevitable process, but proper care can slow down.

While you are only on the threshold of her thirtieth birthday, or just had crossed most of the time to do them. At this point you have no obvious signs of aging like deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Scientists came to the conclusion that after thirty the production of collagen and elastin loses not only in quantity but also in quality. If you begin to take care of properly, the aging process can be retarded, and the health of the skin improved.

What means on care of a skin you need

Products to cleanse the skin. Experts recommend a two-stage cleaning: first remove dust and dirt by means of oil-based, and then use the lotion.

Serum with vitamin C. It performs several functions: 1) “hold” the nutrients that the skin receives from the funds to care; 2) lightens freckles and pigment spots; 3) stimulates collagen production; 4) virtually turns back time.

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Oil. Select your favorite oil and master the skills of self-massage that helps to smooth out wrinkles and restore skin tone.

Serum with hyaluronic acid and amino acids. Hyaluronic acid makes the skin soft and smooth and increases hydration and elasticity, while amino acids diminish the signs of aging.

Cream under the eyes. The skin around the eyes prone to the phenomenon called solar elastosis, in other words the breakdown of collagen and loss of elasticity. Since the skin in this area is very delicate, normal cream for face doesn’t fit. So don’t skimp and buy a tool that is focused specifically on this area.

Moisturizer. This is a key tool in skin care, if you want to stay young as long as possible. Dermatologists offers girls with troubled and oily skin to use oil-free moisturizer, and the owner of a dry and normal skin — moisturizer with vitamin C.

Gel or cream mask. Choose any of these options, but in any case, do not use masks with clay – it is too pull the skin.

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Scrub. The normal rate of cell renewal is one of the key factors for radiant and smooth skin. Specialists suggest using products with alpha or beta hydroxy acids that help to form collagen, firming the skin. Also notice the funds, which include retinol and fruit acids.

Healthy habits

Reduce consumption of red meat. Sometimes the cause of aging in failure of the organism of red meat. It is best if you replace it with chicken and Turkey.

Use cream with SPF-filter. Though some experts advocate the abandonment concealers after thirty, we see them as protective measures from ultraviolet radiation. Sunscreen in a pair of basis will more effectively protect the skin.

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Exercise regularly. Sport keeps in tone not just muscles but also the skin.

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