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Beauticians called products that age the skin

Косметологи назвали продукты, которые старят кожуIf you want clean and healthy skin – eliminate them from the diet

Every woman dreams about smooth, healthy and beautiful skin, but often all sorts of imperfections overtake us even in adulthood, when teenage hormones clearly nothing to do with it.

As stated on the website of the specialist in nutrition in Instagram, a very big role in our diet.

Some products are very bad for the skin, and it is desirable to exclude completely from the diet or at least minimize their use.

The top 3 harmful face products:

1. Sugar. This includes honey and syrups, anything that contains any kind of sugar.

According to my beautician, one candy = two pimple. In addition to lesions on the skin, sugar impairs the elasticity of the skin. And this is a direct way to wrinkles. It happens this way: when a lot of glucose in the body, excess glucose molecules as if attached to the collagen. And make elastic fibers collagen inflexible. Scientifically it is called – glacierbay collagen.
Who find it difficult to imagine – remember what happens with a flexible twig caught under the icy rain. That skin same thing. And to fix it will be very difficult.

2. Dairy products.

There are people who can’t consume dairy products as there is lactose intolerance. But even if not, the jelly should be careful. These products increase the swelling and inflammation on the skin. That is, if you have swelling and pimples – try to eat no dairy products.⠀

3. Gluten-free.

By itself, gluten is a protein contained in some cereals, for example wheat. When a small amount of it is not terrible, but the overabundance – and provokes inflammation in the intestine. And this leads to swelling and inflammation on the face. And I’m not talking about people who have alliacea (complete gluten intolerance), I’m talking about those who have a partial intolerance of which you would never suspect.

About the Vino will not speak, and so I think you understand that the alcohol and beauty are contradictory concepts. But if you give up these 3 products at least 3-4 weeks – won’t even recognize yourself.

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