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Be careful: the most common techniques dealers cars

Будьте внимательны: самые распространенные приемы перекупщиков автомобилейThe ranking of the most popular techniques

Before you a rating of the most popular methods used by dealers for car sales.
Who is the owner of the car?

Often dealers call themselves the owner of the car, whereas in the passport of the vehicle provided the other owners. All because many buyers do not look technical passport of the car until the registration of the contract of purchase and sale, and such inaccuracy is found by chance, and what are the dealers. Looking for a suitable car, man, first of all, pay attention to the announcement “Sale by owner”, without specifying the details, but this phrase can be interpreted in different ways. And really, I can sell the car on behalf of the owner… all objections businessmen have their counterarguments “You need a car or the owner? What is going to go?”.

Release year is not the…

Probably the most harmless technique of all – an indication of a later year car to increase its value. Upon detection of inaccuracies middleman did not confess the deliberate lie, referring to a typo, or what this figure means the year of commencement of operation of the cars. For example, the car in 2007 and in the Declaration set 2008. But such an indicator as the model year cars affects the price.

“NOT Bit, do NOT Paint”!

The announcement often the standard description of a car “Without an accident! Don’t crash! Not a bit! Condition new machine”, but the price is tempting. Gut tells me there’s a catch, a hand and reaching for the phone to call and find out more information. In fact, the middleman is beneficial to buy a car at the lowest possible price, but to sell it at market. This begs the question, where do they get cheap cars? The answer is simple, many owners are in urgent need of selling the car, because agree to give its dealers even at a low price. The latter, in turn, sell car at the price of the middle segment. But most often cheap car dealers buy in a bad condition, sometimes so much so that the car is only good for the landfill. Next, is a quick resuscitation of the body, cleaned and washed interior, inserted glass for sale all ready! It is worth noting that even after checking the car the gauge when the emergency condition of the vehicle is obvious to all the attendees, dealers have the audacity to assure the malfunction of the device. Therefore it is better to use devices that have the certificate of the state metrological service. Experienced dealers can easily confirm the painting machine, and immediately disarm the potential buyer a question “How a painting affects its speed?”.


A outbid resort to such a ploy, as a “twisting path”. Nowadays this problem is solved for a reasonable amount and 10 minutes of work even in the most protected car. Unfortunately, in Ukraine such actions are not prohibited by law, though, and remain deceived hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Always have a critical attitude to the car during the inspection, admitting that the mileage is likely twisted. And less listen to the stories of the seller, because his task is to get rid of the car.


No less a danger to an honest buyer are cars-drowned, which are popular with dealers. Even the time it was restored can not guarantee the future long-term performance of these cars. Of course, there is a small chance that the car for many more years to please his master, but this is only possible in the case of immediate rehabilitation of the car, immediately after the incident.

In Europe there has been a practice, after payment of insurance, such cars are sold at the lowest price. But getting into the territory of Ukraine such cars are sold at market value. The car-the drowned man – a real headache for the owner, because who knows when the machine will remind you of your deplorable condition. It is not excluded even the possibility of spontaneous combustion.

Often the first to fail the electrical system, security system, gearbox, motor, interior stinks, etc. to Determine the malfunction in advance is difficult even for an experienced auto experts. To identify “wet” the car is almost impossible, even sell them at a cost comparable “dry”.

Most often these cars belonged to the middle segment, as luxury brands, electronical, to hide the traces of “bathing” is very difficult. The owners also voluntarily admit that their car fell into the water, coming up with a lot of excuses for all recorded traces of flooding.

“In the taxi was not”

Hardly anyone dreams about the car, which went to the taxi driver or courier. But these cars love to buy dealers. Major companies regularly update the fleet of official cars. At these auctions, 98% of the buyers are dealers, because cars are sold for token money, and you can resell them more expensive.

Credit auto

Often arise and a criminal situation when they sell a stolen car with a broken number or cars on forged documents, the so-called “twins”, bonded cars and “nasnimali”. The last case assumes earlier stolen a car and given back to the owner with broken numbers. This machine is a real nightmare for the owner. Legal selling in this case is practically impossible, so we have to seek the assistance of dealers.

Another popular option mortgage car Bank. This car is in principle not subject to sale, but while the credit of the company not brought the information about the Deposit on the car in the database, it can not be checked for being in the pledge. Therefore, if you do not check the car at the notary, subject to encumbrances, it is very easy to become the owner of the car which is in pledge at Bank.

Cutting tires

The above dealers also include the expansion of channels and grooves, so-called slicing of the tires. It involves removing parts of additional layer of rubber. Especially for this at the design stage, the tire manufacturers have laid in the structure of the tread rubber layer, which will be further cut, without losing the strength of the tyre.

Cutting give new and retreaded tyres. It is important that the side was a necessary designation of “U” or “Regroovable”, informing about the possibility of such an operation. Dealers often put the tires of the vehicles this procedure without thinking about whether such a procedure by the manufacturer. Thus ignoring the possibility of dangerous consequences.

“The engine runs smooth…”

When not working engine, “unscrupulous vendors” add special fluid to the motor, to remove or reduce extraneous sounds. The effect last a few days during which they’re trying to sell the car as absolutely perfect.

“What else?”

Well, the little things: the wheel and the gearshift knob can be painted or alter; pedal pads to change; a scratch or chipped on the hood to hide by setting the “fly swatter”; the mats are trivial to change on new; plastic inner cover with special spray hides minor scratches, and so on.

And this is just not most of those tricks and nuances you may encounter in the process of choosing and buying a car!

In fairness it should be noted that not all automotive merchants wish to deceive You and “sell” a bucket of bolts under the guise of a good car. There are those who buy only honest, completely healthy and whole car and after cosmetic presales sell them. But unfortunately such people like these machines very much.

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