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Baza reported on the new mansion, Igor Sechin in the form of the letter “g” value of about ₽20 MHR

Baza рассказала о новом особняке Игоря Сечина в форме буквы «Ж» стоимостью около ₽20 млр

Five floors, 25 thousand square meters

Baza reported on the new mansion, Igor Sechin in the form of the letter “g” value of about ₽20 billion

The Baza project, spoke about the construction of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin another mansion on the ruble, worth about 20 billion roubles. According Baza, Sechin is building a giant five-story mansion on a plot in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, which was formerly a house built for the second wife of the head of “Rosneft” Olga Rozhkova, which several years ago went from Sechin to the Italian racer Francesco Provenzano. Sechin, according to Baza, after the divorce was demolished to the ground the house was built for former wife, and began building a new mansion in the shape of the letter “W”.

Interestingly, the area of land on which Sechin is building your new home, has increased over the last few years, almost 2.5 times, from 3 to 7.8 hectares. The stories introduced through the project chain to the construction man, construction home Sechin involved nearly a hundred workers. Between themselves, they laugh at the project, future home of Igor Sechin in the form of the letter “W” says one of the former builders. “The master’s house at the site of all known ass: workers, foremen, and even designers. If you are sent to this object, they usually say: “Go to hell, go to hell, screw you caused,” and other similar variations. At first it was a joke, and then just as a given already: ass and ass” — says one of the former workers.

According to him, the construction is “heavy guard”: “at the entrance to the facility checks the chop: inspect the machine, especially “rats” on the DVR, need to pass, watch what is recorded, make warnings. On the object all the cameras turned not inward, but outward. There is already guarded by resguardar. They are responsible including for confidentiality: make sure not to bring the phones, video and audio equipment”.

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“If you look at the main house on top, then above it you can see the mountain of soil. He was brought in to do the bulk of the mountain. As told by the engineers, with this mount, intended Sechin, will drain the Creek to the lake, by the way, also have to dig. Is not even begun,” says the Builder. According to him, “when [at the site] comes Sechin, all arrange a day off or short day: no one to see him not have anybody on the object should not be”. “I heard that he personally picked up the trees, which in any case can not be removed. Show what to cut and which to leave. They’re tall and handsome. Then on the trunks mark the left — sawing or not,” says a worker.

A five-storey building Sechin ceiling height is 6 meters, the project provided a lift, mine of which is already harvested. The guest house on the site of Sechin will have two floors, ceiling height on the project here also 6 meters. Total area of houses on the site of Sechin may be 25 thousand square meters.

One of the leading Russian architects said Baza, making a total of these possessions can cost about 20 billion rubles: construction of one square meter will cost about 5 thousand dollars, the cost of finishing and interior design will be about 25 thousand euros per square meter in the house Sechin and 10-15 thousand euros per square meter in the guest house, finish all outbuildings will cost about 112 million euros in the house Sechin and 48 million euros in the guest house.

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According Baza, planning the future of the castle is the work of architectural Bureau “metropolis”. This company was designed for the “SKOLKOVO”, drawing office headquarters of Siemens in the business center “Legion II”, residential and public buildings on the ZIL territory, pool in “Luzhniki”, has developed several projects in “Moscow-city”.

Press Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev on the question of who owns land in Zhukovka and Sechin is the customer of construction, said: “What investigation? What about real estate? Anyone generally empowered to carry out any investigation? What is happiness? Who are you? You tell me, please, who is funding you? Who are these private investors? Let me investigate… is Not required to disclose the investors? I am also not required to give you information about the person who are not me.”

He later supplemented his response with the message: “Questions related to personal life and personal property, I. I. Sechin, are not within the competence of the press service. Privacy is protected by law. I advise you to think about it.” Representatives of architectural Bureau “metropolis” did not respond to a request Baza.

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