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Battle of tyrants: the most brutal rulers in history. Photo

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. ФотоIn the history of mankind there were many cruel rulers that controlled its citizens by terror.

Still the magnitude of their crimes of the imagination.

Qin Shi Huang: the First higher

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

He United China once and for all by ending a long era of Warring kingdoms, built the Great wall and the canal Lincui, created a single writing system, the monetary system and system of weights and measures. The pros on this Board “sun-like” Emperor Qin Shi Huang over. Start cons. The main one is the extreme brutality against his own people.

The Empire flourished terror for the slightest dissatisfaction executed not only an apostate, but the whole family, and accomplices “from” enslaved. The number of slaves was immense, as added to them prisoners of war. They were kept in pens with cattle and are constantly resold. Achievements of the Empire built on the bones and the broken destinies of hundreds of thousands of people.

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

In order to raise funds for new achievements, as well as provide the main fear of the Emperor, the fear of death, we had to impose crazy taxes for farmers. While the population was starving, the followers of Confucius buried in the ground alive, Qin Shi Huang built his famous terracotta army, designed to protect His Majesty after death. Fortunately, she came, with her collapsed not had time to start the Qin dynasty, where the Emperor was intended for 10,000 generations reign.

Tamerlane: the Iron lame

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

Peace-loving nomads did not differ never. But neither controversial figure of the Scourge of God — Attila, not even Genghis Khan could not compare in cruelty with “Timur, the son of Taragai from Barlas” — Tamerlane.

Like his idol, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane believed his mission to conquer the world: “As in the sky there is one sun, and on the ground — one ruler.” This motto has cost humanity hundreds of thousands of lives. Not only large cities but entire countries were wiped off the face of the earth. Exterminated peoples. Captured soldiers alive buried in the ground, others built towers: alive put on top of each other, and then filled with gravel and daubed with clay. Another favorite pastime of the “shaker of the Universe” — the construction of pyramids and minarets of severed human heads, those captured in the painting “Apotheosis of war” by Vasily Vereshchagin. The heads even had its own harsh rule of the order of 1500 for large turret, 750 for a small one. If the “riot” yielded “the despicable mercy” and performed it — in the case could go their own skulls.

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

Some Tamerlane destroyed, just not to interfere. In 1389, in Khorasan the city of Sabzivar he ordered to be cast into the ditches hundreds of live people and then lay them bricks and lime. In 1398-m during the Indian campaign, he killed 100 000 people just because didn’t want to feed them on the way to Central Asia.

Torquemada, the Hammer of heretics

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

And the light of Spain, the Saviour of his country and the honor of his order — the so-called Thomas Torquemada chronicler of that time Sebastian de Olmedo. The ruler, he, of course, was not, but was, as you know, the founder of the Spanish Inquisition. It was during the head of the Holy office machine for the destruction of apostates has earned in full force. Neither before nor after the fires of Europe is not raging as bright. Particularly unlucky Jews and the Moors — Thomas Torquemada burned them at the stake just because they had the “wrong” nationality. Those who are “lucky”, was expelled from the country with confiscation of property. Torquemada succeeded the Jews in Spain left.

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

Many heretics were found, and among friends. According to historians, during the Great Inquisitor at the stake were burned alive 8800 people, 6500 burned posthumously, torture was subjected to 27 000. Torquemada himself signed at least 18 000 or 20 000 sentences. Historians suggest that at the end of his life he seemed to his victims, he slept poorly and therefore got himself a guard of 250 people.

Nero: a Roman Antichrist

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

The enemy of mankind, the bloody Emperor, the man with the name of the beast has been called the worst of the lords of Rome of Nero, which, in the opinion of Christians of that time, the encrypted number of the devil (sum of ordinal numbers of the letters of the name Nero Caesar written in Hebrew is 666). They can understand one of the main accusations against the Emperor’s persecution of Christians.

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

During the reign of Nero, as is well known, the Eternal city was engulfed in a fire that destroyed most of its buildings. Said that, while the people fought the fire in the narrow streets, the Emperor stood in the high tower and reveled in the view, writing a song about the death of Troy. Of course, rumors spread that Nero and perpetrated the arson. To stop them and find the culprits, the Emperor turned his gaze to a small group of long-time hated people who called themselves Christians and did not honor the Roman gods. They are accused of the fire. Started roundup: Christians crucified, clothed in the skins of wild beasts, and lowered the dogs on them.

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

At the dawn of his reign, Nero had a good time that was dressed as a commoner, and he walked the streets at night with a group of accomplices, robbed, killed and raped available under the hand of the people. Very quickly the idea of unpunished robbery took common city criminals and rioted under the guise of the name of the great and terrible ruler.

And Nero loved the theater. So much so that I was on stage, calling himself the greatest actor. To watch, and most importantly — admire had. To leave the theatre during his raucous chants could not even need: women gave birth to “the gallery”, and some pretended to be dead to have them carried out on stretchers.

About the murder of his mother, adopted brother, the teacher of Seneca, a pregnant wife, instead of which he took for a wife a young boy, before that castronova him about the wild orgies of the Emperor, for whom he even built a special Palace of pleasure, can not speak: they touch more or less limited group of accidents. But under Nero the economy of Rome went into decline, the country swept riots. In the year following Nero’s death a civil war broke out.

Битва тиранов: самые жестокие правители в истории. Фото

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