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Battle in GTA V is moved into the open space

Сражения в GTA V переместились в открытый космосThird-party mod adds to the game new gameplay elements.

GTA V was a space mission in which the action unfolds with the opposition to the aliens. Flights to the ships in silent space is proposed to be taken for granted.

The resulting work appears under the name of Grand Theft Space. Its concept was developed by a team of modders sollaholla, which set out to recreate the space on the engine of the fifth part, which could not be done to anyone else before them. Description of Moda promises the following:

“The earth was alone in the entire galaxy from the very moment of its appearance, however, in a distant galaxy there is intelligent race of beings, superior to humans for millennia. The creatures were not as friendly as I would like to believe. NASA has discovered the remains of an alien spaceship near the state of San Andreas. Nobody believed that intelligent life forms reach the Ground, but they go, and they are not on our side. Before the player task is to deal with alien offspring, before it reaches the Earth.”

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At the moment within the fashion in GTA V there are four missions in which I propose to explore a distant planet and fight with aliens. In the game system low gravity, the possibility of repairing the ship and the changing weather. In the future the creators plan to leave around the planets, collect collectibles, as soon as determine the bonus they give.

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The release of GTA V was held back in 2013, since then people persist in looking for evidence of the existence of aliens and UFOs in the game. And although they managed to find in the game code, within the GTA V they never showed up.

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