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Battered ex-husband singer Alena Kravets will fight for daughter in court

About six weeks ago Alena Kravets came on the show to Andrey Malakhov “Let them talk” and told about the horrors of his family life — she became a victim of domestic violence by her ex-husband, millionaire Ruslan Kravets. After beating Kravets immediately filed a complaint with the police and betrayed by the incident public. However, this only exacerbated the situation in early November, a millionaire stole from their school with Alice’s daughter, nine-year-old Danielle.


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On the eve of mother’s Day, the singer tried to visit his daughter, but all ended in failure. “I knew I was gonna bring her to class — she on Saturdays mugs. It is located in Odintsovo, near Rublyovka, so I decided to go by herself, without a guard. When I saw my little girl, I wanted to go, but her bodyguard wouldn’t let me even come close. Danielle tried to pull away to hug me, but the driver jumped out, and together they put the baby back in the car. The guard pushed me away so roughly that I didn’t stay on his feet and fell,” — said in an interview with StarHit Alain.

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According to Kravets, she still does not know where her child and ex-husband stopped answering her calls. A few days, the singer watched her daughter next to the school, and once she was able to see her. “She was screaming, “mommy, Mommy, don’t worry, I’m fine”. And then her in the car sat, I can’t even touch her not given”, — said Alena.

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To give up chances going. The singer tried to negotiate with her ex-husband peacefully, but failed. Now Alena wants to resolve the case in court. “We advocate Maya Sandler, preparing documents to file a claim. We waited for everything to be solved peacefully. She called his lawyer, he tried — to no avail. I am the daughter will not give up under any circumstances,” said Kravets.

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