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Batman vs Pennywise: cool looking fan trailer!

Yes, this autumn definitely is marked Pennywise. The main villain of the fresh adaptation of “It” literally everywhere and has long gone beyond the wide screens of movie theaters. It has already become an Internet meme, LGBT icon and a subject of dispute “Burger king” with “McDonald’s”. Whether there will be?

In addition the new Pennywise performed by bill Skarsgard already you can enter in command of the iconic anti-heroes of horror, because in the company of Freddy, Jason and Myers this type clearly will not get lost, and people’s love he is now almost more. And because of the iconic characters from different movies often collide fan-made crossovers, and this fate could not be avoided and Pennywise.

Youtuber Adeel of Steel decided to pit spooky clown with someone who is no stranger to made – up crazy- with Batman! And as Batman is Ben Affleck, the current performer of that role. Was cool, until the pile in the video lit up and the Joker with Harley Quinn, and Lex Luthor. In General, look for yourself!

Hey Batman, want a balloon?..

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