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“Bastrykin ordered to solve the case in two weeks. So they open…”

«Бастрыкин дал приказ — раскрыть дело за две недели. Вот они и раскрывают…»

On the body of the deceased after the arrest by the police and the TFR of the resident KHMAO showed signs of torture

Carefully, in the material there are photographs of the dead body.

Relatives and representative of the deceased on 22 October under strange circumstances, the former Deputy Director of the Nizhnevartovsk UK “Rook” Dennis the Pushkarenko believe that he died as a result of torture. This is eloquently demonstrated by the pictures taken in the morgue. The Pushkarenko was a witness in the murder case of his former chief of Roman Tchaikovsky, who in the summer of 2018 was declared wanted, and then found murdered. Recently, the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin has demanded to solve this case and give subordinates two weeks of the term.

A few hours before death, says lawyer Khamzat Izrailov, representing Pushkarenko, he was detained by employees of the RCDS and the police, who put him in a car and drove from Nizhnevartovsk to Surgut, where is the infamous case of torture “Jehovah’s Witnesses” (an organization banned in Russia) IVS. According to the lawyer, it was 22 October. The evening of the same day in Megion (the town on the road from Nizhnevartovsk to Surgut) the doctors from the local ambulance service pronounced him dead of Pushkarenko. The investigative Department of the TFR in KHMAO said that the death was “natural causes.” After local media reports about the incident TFR reported that “denies the appeared information about the discovery of the corpse of Pushkarenko with signs of violent death. Investigations into the killing of men, as well as about his abduction, the investigative units are not held”.

Thus the day before this event, October 21, on suspicion of murder, Tchaikovsky was detained businessman Askar Lukmanov, also the principal lawyer Israilova. “Lukmanov was also delivered from Nizhnevartovsk to Surgut, at the local detention center, where he was forced to sign papers relinquishing my services and use the services of another lawyer,” he said Izrailov. According to the lawyer, in the Surgut city court, where he was to determine Lukmanova measure, the investigators failed to provide substantial evidence of the involvement of the businessman to the murder and he was immediately released.

«Бастрыкин дал приказ — раскрыть дело за две недели. Вот они и раскрывают…»Denis Pushkarenko “Channel Metropolis” / “VKontakte”

After that, in the Khamzat Israilov began to receive threats. According to the lawyer, “some representatives of law enforcement agencies investigating the murder of Tchaikovsky”, by all means try to remove him from the case and put pressure on his clients.

By assumption Israilova, the behavior of security forces is due to their desire to quickly finish the investigation into the murder of Tchaikovsky and to report its work to the Moscow authorities. At the same time the consequence of not talking.

According to the lawyer, the application of the RCDS that the death of Denis Pushkarenko came “from natural causes”, is not tenable.

“Yesterday I and the wife of Denis Pushkarenko Irina visited the morgue and viewed the body. We saw it all covered with bruises, the wounds and bruises that can attest to the fact that Dennis died as a result of abuse. Probably he was tortured. We will insist on an independent expertise and to establish true causes of death. Version that Pushkarenko could die from a heart attack is absolutely not good enough,” — said Izrailov.

In confirmation of the words of Israel provided editorial photos body Pushkarenko with numerous external injuries. Izrailov added that during the inspection of the body and shooting the security forces were trying to interfere with the process, demanded to leave the premises of the morgue, but also insisted on not to disclose what he saw there.

«Бастрыкин дал приказ — раскрыть дело за две недели. Вот они и раскрывают…»The injury on the body of the deceased Denis Purchaseclomidonline lawyer Khamzat Izrailov

“According to my information, Dennis the Pushkarenko was lucky to Surgut. Why? Think away from me, as in the case with Lukmanova. Anyway, I found out that Denis was delivered by a PPP in a car without license plates on the ambulance station in Megion. Doctors they said the Pushkarenko was transferred to Surgut as a witness. It was transferred, and that as a witness. The doctors said that when the Pushkarenko was brought to him he already 30 minutes as he was dead. All subsequent CPR was unable to help him,” said Israel.

«Бастрыкин дал приказ — раскрыть дело за две недели. Вот они и раскрывают…»The injury on the body of the deceased Denis Purchaseclomidonline lawyer Khamzat Izrailov

The mother of Denis Pushkarenko Zinaida Pushkarenko also strongly disagree with the allegations of the security forces.

“My son does not smoke, drink, health problems experienced, led a healthy lifestyle. In 40 years, Denis was born child, who is now four years. What might be in sudden cardiac arrest?”

Zinaida Pushkarenko connects the death of his son, with a personal reception by the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, passed on October 23, which was visited by the widow of the killed Tchaikovsky. The woman asked the head of the UK to take control of the investigation into the murder of her husband. “A resident of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district said that in 2018, her husband was discovered with a gunshot bullet wound, but for more than a year in a criminal case has no suspects. Alexander Bastrykin has demanded in the shortest terms to carry out the necessary work and report the results within two weeks,” — said about this press service of the TFR. Perhaps, thinks the woman, the local detectives knew that the widow Tchaikovsky goes to the reception and decided as quickly as possible to solve the case.

«Бастрыкин дал приказ — раскрыть дело за две недели. Вот они и раскрывают…»Murdered businessman Roman Chaikovskii “Megapolis”

“Bastrykin instructed on the ground for two weeks to solve the murder of Tchaikovsky. So they screwed up. Were seized everyone. Son was killed. And now, apparently, want dead to make the accused and close the case, report to Bastrykin that it’s been solved”, — said Zinaida Pushkarenko.

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