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Basic rules of care for chapped lips

Основные правила ухода за обветренными губамиThis problem is familiar to many.

The skin on our lips is very thin – 6 times thinner than the skin of the face. That is why they are the first to react to unfavorable weather factors. It is expressed redness, peeling, cracked and painful sensations. If you have chapped lips, winter makeup looks terrible. And we don’t even want to talk about how it hurts (yeah, yeah, and moral too).

Clearly the symptoms of chapped lips occur in winter, in windy freezing weather. In the winter our lips need special care, because affected by external factors much more than even in the summer.

How to cure chapped lips

Active nourishment and hydration of the lips in winter

First of all, to protect lips from chapping, it is necessary to provide them proper food. To do this, use the balms, the consistency is more oily than it is to use in the summer. Apply them before you leave home, during the day and even as a base for decorative gloss or lipstick.

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Like lip balms contain nourishing, fatty oils, for example, Shea butter, cocoa butter or coconut. Instead of a balm that can be used by oils. They are rich in fatty acids and vitamins, so they are well care for the skin of the lips, preventing their chapping. Use moisturizing balms and creams for lips it is recommended that at least 2 hours before going outside. Otherwise, the moisture in the skin cells turn into tiny pieces of ice and can injure the skin. The ideal is to use a moisturizer to lips before sleeping.

If the lips are still chapped…

Scaly, reddened, swollen lips with cracks can be fixed as pharmacy tools, masks, cooked at home. Dry lips vaseline will moisturize. Apply it on for 20-25 minutes daily. Rescue balm will not only moisturize your chapped lips, but and heal.

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Prevention of chapped lips

Prevention experts recommend the use of protective equipment, composed of sun filters and emollient oils. Use natural face masks to treat chapped lips. Apply to lips fat cream thick, olive oil, mixed with honey, mashed kiwi fruit with vegetable oil.

Try to do so that lips at least in contact with moisture. If the lips hurt – try to avoid too spicy, salty, hot dishes.

Take care of your lips and kiss in the cold. You should never lick dry lips, they will be even more weathered and, consequently, crack. Try not to touch to weather-beaten lips and don’t go outside without protective equipment.

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