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Barnabas, Skulkin, Borschev: the stars looked like Comedy Woman 9 years ago

Humorous show Comedy Woman has been on air for 10 years. The star of the team Ekaterina Skulkina has prepared a surprise for fans of the show in Instagram, the actress posted a photo of all the participating Comedy Woman made nine years ago. “Devaliya that I dug up 9 years ago did”, — has signed a frame Skulkin (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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The furor among followers of Catherine: “the best team I think in all TNT, you are so funny and cool, always raise the mood,” “This hat Polina was epic! She had this hat with bees, also a sensation!”, “It’s a classic CW! 9 years old, and like yesterday, I remember dreaming about the dress that Maria Kravchenko”, “Super show! Know all your numbers by heart, but still happy reviewing”.

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Nine years later, many of the members of the group have changed dramatically, especially noticeable in Catherine Barnabas. Now the actress looks like a completely different person: Catherine lost a lot of weight, changed her hair and started wearing lenses. In addition, fans of Barnabas suspect that she resorted to plastic surgeon.

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