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Barabashka and miserable Soviet “otherworldly”

Барабашки и убогое советское «потустороннее»


Барабашки и убогое советское «потустороннее»

So, friends — today will be a very interesting and long-planned my post on “barabashek” and other wretched Soviet “otherworldly” — information about which began to appear EN masse on television and in the press in the last Soviet years. I think you all remember the epidemic of the eighties and nineties, when people believed in cabinets in their homes live green gnomes, and at night on a six-meter kitchen wielding shovels “barabashka”, tapping on a flaky pots and burned the pans in the oven.

I have to say that the epidemic “barabashek and gnomes” the same nature as that Kashpirovsky — listening for 70 years of a Soviet propaganda and forgot how to think for themselves, people easily believed what they were told on TV, and I could easily succumb to suggestion and manipulation — including on self-hypnosis. Watching shows about “incredible” (which in the late Soviet Union was something new), easily impressed people are easily interpreted any night knocks in the house (defrosting refrigerator, the sound of water in pipes) as the presence of “abnormal” and their imagination immediately drew all sorts of “supernatural” picture. Fear, as they say, eyes are great.

But in all this there is also a very interesting point — how closely Soviet “other” was due to the miserable Soviet life was, in fact, her reflection. So in today’s post — the story of barabashek and miserable Soviet “otherworldly”. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

Where did the Ghost.

Барабашки и убогое советское «потустороннее»

Around the second half of the eighties on Soviet televisionand in the press “graciously allowed” to talk about any “afterlife” — with no explanation and mysterious cases. The majority of cases by careful analysis turned out to be something quite banal, but the audience about the often not reported — usually terrible television history had no end and left the viewer with a sense of mysterious innuendo. Especially in this zealous program “Obvious-improbable” — which in the seventies began to tell about all the Bermuda triangles, and in the fall of 1988 produced a program about the “Ghost” called “Who’s there” — about how the inhabitant of the Moscow hostel in Likhobory began tapping with with “spirit”, who was thrown through the air sneaker, and later began to communicate with knocks.

Similarly, as Kashpirovsky, this transfer had the effect of an exploding bomb and, in fact, perfectly fulfilled his task, distracted people from the real urgent problems, like the consequences of Chernobyl, zinc coffins from Afghanistan and empty shelves in the shops. Many immediately began to see the kitchens “barabashek”, and listen to the sounds from the toilet, and some even sent to transfer photos abnormal — which, however, often turned out to be a trivial defect in the film.

Personally, I think that this whole story of “barabashka” was launched (in parallel with Kashpirovsky and Chumak) specifically to distract people from the power crisis and the whole Soviet system. The word barabashka — tracing from German poltergeist, the noisy Ghost, most likely, it did not appear by chance (the plot of the transmission of his supposedly “invented” student) and was specially translated by the authors of the transmission and adapted for the Russian ear. In favor of this version says that with the “come out” were closely associated and sessions Chumak — at the end of some sessions, in addition to the “loading water”, he proposed also “to clean the aura apartments”, after which he made mysterious passes with his hands and made the suggestion — “well, now you have everything in order.”

Miserable Soviet “other”.

In all this there is one very funny moment, which in my opinion had not been contacted one of the researchers of the scoop. If you look closely at Soviet “otherworldly” — it would be extremely funny, small and closely associated with the miserable and impoverished Soviet life. Soviet “spirits” were as petty, quarrelsome and vindictive cheapskate, like most of the scoops — they then spat the owners of the apartment in the soup, then painted some nasty things on the scarce Hungarian Wallpaper, and then put in the basin with the cooking for the winter jam wet and muddy carrots. The most powerful emotion at the contacting poltergeist Soviet citizens is the fear of destroying things.

The height of bad manners Soviet barabashek was spilling over the banks of the potassium permanganate standing on the stove the evaporation from the linen — a terrible crime in which valuable and scarce linens become unfit for use. A “good” Soviet barabashka graciously prompted in what corner of the shitty free Khrushchev may find forgotten tattered socks and under which the floorboards are saracena wife blue fiver for a drink.

In the nineties he published a book by Igor Vinokurov called “Horror” — actually telling about dozens of cases of this Soviet “poltergeist”, who acted as gross neighbor in the communal kitchen — then a scarce set fire to the Wallpaper, the polished furniture was spoiled, vile stole the laces the sole of the Shoe, and the smelly onion in the pan with the potatoes planted. Even if cleaned, the bastard

Барабашки и убогое советское «потустороннее»

The book is full of such stories entirely seriously — on deficient soap, blasphemous stuffed poltergeist in the unwashed pan, burned on insidiously Solonevich fashionable jackets and two priceless bottles of vodka that poltergeist graciously allowed to drink on the day of the birth of a daughter Natasha.

It’s interesting that the author of the book did not noticed the squalid pettiness of Soviet antics of a poltergeist (a ridiculous and absurd for “supernatural forces”), and to combat it offered to tie some strings to walk around the house with a candle — which was carefully done, a colleague of author and part-time bortsuny Soviet poltergeist by the name Slawinski, who possessed also the magical superpower <s>stabbing ass nuts</s> light arms light bulb:

Барабашки и убогое советское «потустороннее»

In short, the Soviet “other” showed the same poor shovel, as in life. And it says only one thing — that in fact it was no “afterlife”, and the usual product of the wretched and grey Soviet thinking, which designed all the “unknown” in their own image and likeness.

The abyss, which stares back at you. Instead of an epilogue.

Барабашки и убогое советское «потустороннее»

In the final section of the post I want to remember about one American movie, filmed around the same years, kotoriy in the USSR was at the height of popularity just “unknown”. In the eighties in the United States published the popular film “Ghostbusters”, who also told me about something “unknown” and which is essentially on the example of “the unknown” showed the model of a healthy society — after a collision with some unknown call (“paranormal phenomena”) self-regulating free society creates a team of professionals who takes office, the spins in the free media and begins to help people, zarabatyvat the money. In the end, satisfied all the “Ghost hunters” earn money and fame, society is cleaned from “poltergeist” — and everyone is happy.

The shovels “poltergeist” and all that was happening around him was the same miserable, grey and poor, as with everything else in the USSR — the slightest deviation to step away from the propaganda of the doctrines of Marxism-Leninism entailed a complete mental collapse, the Soviet “spirits” threw rotten potatoes, put pins in the pasta and rowed in the communal kitchen, and the poor Soviet “Ghostbusters” for me that walking around with a magic thread around ragged stool on the background of the polished sideboard.

Correctly say — looking into the abyss remember that the abyss also gazes into you. You see it as your reflection.

Such cases.

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