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Bankers should work for the people

Банкиры должны работать на народ

Last week the President of Belarus, situated in Vitebsk region, and examining the problems of agriculture, instructed the head of the National Bank of Belarus Pavel Kallaur to attract banks to assist organisations of agriculture of this region.

The world economy is so arranged that scrolling through the banks, through the credit multiplier money of citizens and organizations make a profit. If it’s commercial banks, then share the profit founders, if the state, then sent to the budget.

This profit will share the banks that operate in Belarus. And if you do not master the national Bank, the state are structures that are able to convince bankers.

Also instructed to load banks with lagging agricultural enterprises as mentoring.

In the words of Alexander Lukashenko – Profit swindlers!

You can imagine what noise was made in the Belarusian liberal press. It seems that the so-called independent media have a vested interest to banks swelled from the profits, and the company was drowning in credits.

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Let’s see, what’s the essence of today’s economic system, in which a worker, an engineer, a driver and a milkmaid receive miserable wages, compared with those who are supposed to serve them.

Who remembers Soviet times, he knows that the Bank clerk is not represented in the Soviet social environment, of any great value. After all, the Soviet banks worked as circulatory system of the economy, bringing financial flows to wherever it was needed. And Soviet citizens safely left a part of their income into a savings book, providing you with savings.

All turned on its head when the Soviet elite decided to privatize everything that was created by generations of Soviet citizens to testify and limousines to obtain property, to keep the children in the West, the palaces and yachts on the French Riviera.

In fact, now the main income began to receive not those who are engaged in the production of goods and food, not those who work for the good of society, and intermediaries who put their interest in the chain from producer to consumer.

Banks just and are the main these intermediaries, taking away the money earned by the working people.

If to consider Bank system as the circulatory system of the state, that a modern Bank that gets profit from their activities, it becomes like a cancer of the blood, because instead of having to deliver resources to points of growth, he leaves her. As a result, the industry is crumbling, and the population impoverished.

If we consider the most efficient economy in the world, like in China, there is the banking system in essence is Soviet specific, when banks are healthy the circulatory system and working in the interests of the state.

Maybe it’s time for the Belarusian state to set the banking system on the Chinese model. After all, it is the global trend when starting with Donald trump, representing Industrialists in the fight against bankers.

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