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Baltic offended: trump, propped up local jelly sanctions, was worse than Putin

Прибалтика обижена: Трамп, обложив местную молочку санкциями, оказался хуже Путина

The United States imposed against EU 25% duty

Did not have time Baltic farmers oklematsya after the introduction of Russia’s retaliatory measures to Western sanctions because of the Crimea became part of our country, both ways of the Kremlin went to Washington. From 18 October, as promised U.S. trade representative Robert Leitheiser, America imposed a 25% customs duty on dairy products from the European Union.

The reason, however, non-political, but the essence is the same — a blow to farmers, the imminent fall of the economy. These new sanctions — in the style of Donald trump. USA did not hide that will introduce them: Robert Leithiser just completed the installation, and in April, the US President warned that Washington intends to impose duties on imports from the European Union, the goods in connection with EU subsidies the aviation industry. Then this was said to the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, he stressed that the resolution to retaliate against the European Union gave the arbitration of the WTO. Talking about dissatisfaction with U.S. subsidies for Airbus – one of the largest aircraft companies in the world that produces passenger, cargo and military transport aircraft.

For the EU, which so seriously affected by Russia’s retaliatory measures, this is another serious blow. As claimed by German daily business newspaper Handelsblatt (“Trading sheet”), most of the losses from Russia’s retaliatory measures — 92% are in the EU and Germany, and the United States, Canada and other initiators of sanctions against Russia much damage not feel. While 38% of trading losses shall be borne by Germany, this amounts to 667 million dollars a month. And trump promised a punishment of the European Union to deprive him of $ 11 billion, and announced in April. In the end, however, stopped at 7.5 billion.

In the Baltic States hurt particularly hard: and us for what? As is known, they actively support all anti-Russian initiatives of America, and here — does not help, and sanctions. Great countries are fighting for markets, but also small satellites goes. In the end, the farmers of the same in Germany as something coming out of the sanctions storm. And, for example, in Lithuania the dairy industry had almost collapsed because of Russia’s retaliatory measures. The situation was worst in the Baltic States.

In 2015 year, the Prime Minister of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevicius talked about the catastrophe in the sphere of milk production. “I want to note that the situation is critical, and we ask the Commission to provide dairy producers of Lithuania in 2015 exceptional assistance in the amount of 50 million euros,” — he said at a press conference in Brussels in August 2015. Near the building of the European Commission of the Lithuanian dairy producers raised the skeletons of the cows to pay attention to the problem. This skeleton they “drove” and the building of the Parliament in Vilnius.

The European Commission has helped, though not as requested Vilnius. Butkevicius promised: “We’re doing everything possible — actively look for new markets, efforts to regulate the relationships in the supply chain of milk”.

Something that failed. Tried to export their dairy products to China, but local consumers are not very fond of him, and New Zealand flooded the Asian markets with their milk. But it was possible to sell dairy America. What can I say, Lithuanian cheese is really tasty, especially the cheese, and the price is affordable. According to the Agency for export promotion Versli Lietuva (the”Business Lithuania”), last year this Baltic country exported U.S. dairy products by € 9 million.

And these are the times trump wasn’t better than Putin, has also imposed retaliatory economic measures. 25% of duties relate to imported from the European Union, including Lithuania cheeses, yoghurts and other dairy products, says the US Federal register. “Our cheese is more expensive there. The competitiveness of our products will decrease. A 25 percent customs duty is a significant increase in the price of goods, which could face a loss of market”, — told the Agency BNS, the head of research Agency Versli Lietuva Vadim Ivanov.

However, he hopes for relief. “Customs duties was introduced, so can be canceled,” — said the expert. According to him, negotiations on the abolition of fees would be to have Lithuania as an independent country, and representatives of the European Union.

Yes, but the negotiations went on, the EU representatives failed to negotiate with the sales representatives of the United States.

The President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausea too outraged, though, as they say, it’s no big deal — Lithuania has nothing to do with Airbus, and Nausea in April, when trump was threatening the European Union was not yet the President took office on July 12. But the sanctions customs mess will have to disentangle. “This, of course, hurts everyone, and by the United States, and Europe. For Lithuania it is also disadvantageous decision, since the last time the US was interesting and dynamically growing market for our goods”, — said the President of the Lithuanian journalists in Brussels.

The head of the Association Pieno centras (“Milk center”) Egidijus Simonis said that the United States are not the main market for Lithuanian dairy processing companies, but there were taken a large part of production. “It will be problematic to quickly find a replacement, this takes time,” he told reporters. According to him, “the main product of export in the USA — cheese”. The expert believes that the big exporters of milk, such as Denmark, Holland, Italy, France, Ireland, will leave products in Europe, which will drop the price of raw milk.

Well, in General, a trade war. Only here the curses and denunciations in address trump can not hear…

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