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Baiting neighborly: how to remain human in the lack of freedom

Травля по-соседски: как оставаться людьми в несвободе

The pandemic coronavirus Russia is a new challenge for humanity in the camp style — you die today and I tomorrow.

The communication on the isolation narrows to view social networks and house chat messenger. Yesterday, the friendly neighbors, wearing masks, stopped to smile at the meeting (still not visible) and never hold the Elevator (you have to keep your distance). While they don’t say Hello — can interfere with the mask or simply have no desire to open his mouth.

In the yard where you go out for a walk with your virtual dog (fresh air is needed not only in animals), the mailman, the woman is clearly over 65, a widow complains that her mother five times a day: say, why are you here go the infection spread to us. “I tell them that not infection, and pensions spread — how do the elderly who have no Bank cards, no money to live? And my answer: get out of our door, our rogue does not live…” “seemingly decent people themselves at the age that they so brutalized?” — surprised the Concierge.

I know these are decent people — sedate elderly couple. The man, apparently, really scared. For several days trying to figure out in a chat who its entrance was in March over the border and out of it came the other day if people in the anti-plague suits to take tests for coronavirus. And if they are, then let on the floor will hold additional disinfection. But it is better to shut the door of the apartment, “these tourists” outside to observe strict quarantine.

“We’re all in our house — their hostages — hot it. Maybe they at night to go for a walk or to walk the dog… Yeah I don’t care what they do with the dog — even though put to sleep, at least eat, but do not infect others”.

A day later, he goes on a peaceful tone, and requests the help of “advanced” users to obtain a code to explore the city. “Going somewhere, uncle — gleefully texting him in response. — Want to give? Stay home and don’t walk…”

Chat tysjacheletnego home — demonstration sampling of the attitudes in society. Two weeks ago, at the beginning of the quarantine, there predominated the theme of solidarity: people have suggested to help to buy food to the elderly, babysit those who urgently have to work and cook food… the idea was even a song to sing in the evening from the balconies all along to lift the spirit: “we are worse Than the Italians?” But the songs never came.

Today, after the terrible pictures with a tube from the ambulance in the capital’s hospitals, offers of assistance to each other in the chat are almost there. One annoyance: why “thug” entrance, where lives the President of HBC, disinfection is performed twice a day, and the rest from case to case? Whose children (photo attached) running around the yard without a mask and gloves? And in response to a request to help print the necessary documents (printer broke down and the shop “Blueprint” does not work) — deafening silence.

In the country, according to media reports, the same mood of overlast that the Moscow high-rises.

In Voronezh the neighbors made fun of a woman with children returned from abroad. The ambulance took her to the hospital with symptoms of the common cold, coronavirus test gave a negative result. “But some of the neighbors believed in and made a real persecution of this family. It’s very scary when people you yesterday considered good friends, today is full of hate you and threaten physical violence”, — wrote on his page press Secretary of the regional Department of health Oksana Kozlova.

Speedy death wished a neighbor on the porch got to the hospital habarovchanin Valentina, tucked under her door an anonymous note. In Ust-Kut in Irkutsk region the family that the child is sick with coronavirus, are also subjected to harassment. In social networks there was information about where I live diseased, in their address showered with insults and threats. Had to put the apartment police post for security.

The government is also creative as you can. For example, the Governor of the Murmansk region has allocated 1.5 million rubles for the purchase of electronic bracelets for “remote monitoring of patient compliance regime of self-isolation at home.” Fix the device tracking for those with suspected coronavirus, is reported, will be employees of the regional Ministry of health. That is without a court and investigation cases and their family members are actually equated to the prisoners. What happens when the budget runs out of money on bracelets, only with horror guess.

No wonder people today are afraid to call the doctor to the last. No idea which was worse, to die from pneumonia or a heart attack after being bullied. The country is a new challenge for humanity in the camp style — you die today and I tomorrow.

But tomorrow (well, a month or even six months) we will come out of quarantine. Take off the mask. Might even hand each other last. What? For example, take the aside: “Sorry, man, I got excited — fear brain burst”? Or just shake shoulders: in war as in war?

By the way, about the war. It was easy to praise the heroism of the dead ancestors, to glue on the car stickers “can you repeat that”, dress kids in uniforms and arrange a tasting siege bread. But it is quite another, just like in the movie “We are from the future” — suddenly be in the place of these ancestors. Not literally, of course, but the test really serious. Poison today ill — all the same what to throw on the battlefield wounded, sorry for pathos. Tomorrow in their place could be anyone of us.

The fact that the government actually threw the confused and scared citizens to get out of new trouble alone, does not justify the manifestation of this shameful inhumanity. Otherwise, we are better than them?

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