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Bailiffs banned the 34-year-old Dmitry Shepelev travel abroad


Conflict between parents Zhanna Friske and its civil husband is gaining momentum. Broadcaster refuses to give Plato to see his grandma, grandpa and aunt on my mother’s side, for which he received a ban on travel abroad.

Дмитрий Шепелев увез сына к морю

Телеведущий давно мечтал провести отпуск с Платоном

Дмитрий много работал, чтобы обеспечить мальчика всем необходимым

Дмитрий с сыном

Дмитрий Шепелев

Жанна Фриске Фото:

After the death of Jeanne Friske Dmitry and the parents of the singer failed to agree on who will grow the Plato — they had to go to court. As a result of the trials it was decided that every third Saturday of the mother and the father of the singer can spend time with the boy. However, the broadcaster does not comply with the requirements of the court, and Vladimir and Olga Friske never saw a grandchild.

Jeanne’s parents had to go to court. They complained that Dmitry Shepelev does not fulfill the legal requirements. For this, the bailiffs banned from TV travel abroad.

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This behavior Shepeleva, lawyer of the parents of Jeanne Friske, gives them basis to demand from the court a pronouncement of a new verdict: “We insist that now everything was going according to our rules. What Shepelev six months did not fulfill the court’s decision gives us the right to demand the cancellation of the previous verdict (visits once a month for an hour and a half. — Approx. ed.) and achieve more equitable solutions. An hour and a half in a month is very little” — said the lawyer of the family of Pink.



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