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Bahamas – holiday all year round

Holidays in the Bahamas give the traveler an amazing opportunity to escape from all troubles and problems in a beautiful country of sun and ocean. This region is significant for many picturesque islands untouched by civilization, and therefore preserved the beauty of the pristine nature.

All that you need to get acquainted with this green paradise is just to rent boat and go for a trip. As the Bahamas is a waterlocked state the best way to see all its most unusual and exotic peculiarities is a sea voyage.

These beautiful islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, between the United States of America and the Lesser Antilles. The Bahamian archipelago consists of at least 2,500 islands untouched by the civilization. In addition, there are more than 2,500 coral reefs. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

However, nowadays only 30 of them are inhabited. The rest of the territory represents a wonderful example of wild flora and fauna in all its splendor.

The capital of the Bahamas is the largest city on the archipelago – Nassau. It is not only an attractive paradise for tourists, but also the economic and administrative center. Nassau is located on the island of New Providence.

Culture of the region

Regardless of whether you prefer independent floating of bareboat charter or comfort and safety of Bahamas yacht charter, a trip will leave you much more vivid memories if you become acquainted with the unique culture of this island.

Local residents follow the best centuries-long traditions of hospitality, which arose even before the discovery of the Bahamas. Visit small villages on the green Bahamian shores, get acquainted with their calm and reasonable inhabitants. Look into the nature parks and protected reserves of the Lucayan National Park, Sea Park and Exuma Cays, to meet the pristine beauty and distinctive culture of this region.

Bahamian cuisine

Features of local cuisine will please connoisseurs of exotic culinary delights. From April to August you have the opportunity to enjoy the most expensive dish in the Bahamas – prickly lobster.

If you did not get to the islands during this period, do not worry, and by all means try the base of the local cuisine – sea shellfish “konk”.

Sweetmongers will have to taste the pudding from guava, which the local culinary people are proud of.

Whatever you prefer, you will have to sample rum, because this drink is traditional for the Bahamas.

Weather for yachting

The territory of the Bahamas is characterized by a moist equatorial climate. From December to April the region has dry winter with no precipitation. But from May to November torrential rains begin, and this fact must be taken into account if you are going to visit this region on a yacht in this particular period.

If you are not sure about your sailing skills it would be better to experience comfort and safety of yacht charter. This way of traveling assumes complete confidence to the skipper from your side. He makes a route for you, he is responsible for the technical condition of the yacht, and also he cares to cope with all the features of local navigation.

Places to visit

Many travelers dream of feeling themselves pioneers, going to distant islands. When you choose bareboat charter Bahamas give you this opportunity. Such a journey will become even more exciting and charming when you get up at the helm, take control of the yacht in your hands, and set off to explore the route, which made up independently, focusing only on your own preferences.

The port of Marsh Harbor is not only a commercial, but also a yachting center in the region. Among other things, the port is an ideal starting point for a sea voyage.

The incredibly long coast of Abaco Iceland is the dream of any yachtsman. Adorable clean beaches, colorful coral reefs, small local villages on the shore await guests.

Bimini – the refuge of Ernest Hemingway. It will please you with interesting rock formations, wonderful fishing, black corals, lots of exotic fish.

Each corner of the Bahamas is unique and unusual. That’s why you definitely should try yacht trip in this region.

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