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Bad habits, which can get sick in winter

Вредные привычки, из-за которых можно заболеть зимойMany of us are not even aware that colds and the flu is a result of our own bad habits.

In winter, the risk of catching cold or flu is doubled several times compared to the summer, that is why doctors advise more attentive to their health and do everything La in order not to get infected and also not be a vector of pathogenic bacteria and do not infect the people around him.

These five habits contribute to frequent colds and viral diseases:

Habit No. 1 – to touch the face with dirty hands. This bad habit almost all of us overlooked, and it often becomes the cause of development of viral ailments. One has only to hold out hands to the handrail on the bus or to pay money, and then scratch your eye or nose, as here, the pathogenic germs get into the lining and begin to multiply.

Habit No. 2 is to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, and then to take it for items that will touch other people. Actually, not spread bacteria will help only a cloth handkerchief that you need to close your mouth while coughing or sneezing.

Habit No. 3 – a waiver of immunization and other preventive measures of seasonal diseases. It often happens that due to self-confidence and hope that no virus will get attached, people are not fundamentally doing anything that could strengthen his immune system and protect against respiratory infections.

Habit No. 4 – failure to observe rules of personal hygiene and neglect of order in the house. Hand washing frequent washing and Ironing clothes and regular wet cleaning in the house – this is the minimum that should be done each day, especially during the epidemic of influenza and SARS.

Habit No. 5 – excessive sociability. There is a category of people who no matter what will try to communicate with other people. Moreover, they walk and talk and when they themselves are sick, and if the opponent is not healthy and he’s showing clear signs of virus disease.

By eliminating the above habits, you 50%, at least, protect yourself and others from winter viral illnesses.

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