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Bad habits that trigger flatulence

Вредные привычки, провоцирующие метеоризмFlatulence is not a serious condition but can cause discomfort and embarrassment.

Flatulence is not only unpleasant and painful symptoms.

He can make adjustments to your plans and put in a very awkward situation. Bloating and flatulence can cause certain foods (such as beans or cabbage), but also daily habits and preferences that often remain without attention.

To wash down food with water
The habit of drinking juices, tea or plain water after meals is one of the first causes of excess gas formation. Liquid getting into the stomach, reduces the concentration of gastric juice, and that, as a result, cannot properly digest food. Undigested pieces enter the intestine, and there begins the process of fermentation with flatulence.

To talk while eating
“When I eat – I am deaf and dumb” — this simple truth everyone inspired even grandmother-great-grandmother. And she was right. Conversations over food leads to swallowing of air, which then enters the intestines (a process called air swallowing) and bloating.

When tightening cigarette smoke smoker swallows and a portion of the air. And here again there is an aerophagia. Especially does it appear, if the next cigarette will be smoked after a meal – the air simply can not be absorbed into the wall of a filled stomach.

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Chew gum
If gum is your true companion, always and everywhere, don’t be surprised flatulence. In the process of chewing gum in the stomach also enters the air. In addition, the chewing triggers the secretion of excess gastric juice, which may also cause bloating and discomfort.

To swallow food
Fans have to rarely bother about thorough chewing of food. As a result, in the stomach in a short time gets a lot of food, what big pieces, to digest which I won’t manage to stand out enough digestive enzymes. Undigested pieces enter the intestine, where, reacting with bacteria, provoke the release of gases.

The lack of vegetables and fruit
Considering that a regular intake of vitamin complexes completely eliminates the need of the organism in fruits and vegetables, you run the risk of making flatulence as a constant companion. In plant foods, in addition to vitamins and trace element, contain fiber. Its deficiency leads to impaired intestinal motility, which also causes bloating after eating.

There are rarely, but neatly
Habit to ignore full breakfasts or Lunches, leaving the main meal in the evening leads to indigestion and gas. The stomach can not cope with their fictions because of lack of required number of required enzymes in advance he doesn’t make unnecessary. In the end, as mentioned above, the intestine undigested food enters, causing heaviness, gases and pain.

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Drink beer
Beer like the brew cause in the digestive tract the process of fermentation, which is always accompanied by the release of gases. Especially the power of the reaction will be noticeable, if you drink one of these drinks in large quantities (more than 500 ml) and after meals.

Night of theory
Eating at night leads to weight gain and insomnia. During sleep the activity of the intestine is reduced, the result of stagnation of food masses, where the morning starts putrefactive processes.

Extinguish heartburn soda
If you suffer from heartburn, give up the idea of “curing” it with soda. Connecting, soda, and hydrochloric acid (provocateur heartburn) cause a reaction of neutralization with the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide, leading to bloating of the intestine.

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