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Bad advice for a healthy tan

Вредные советы для здорового загараTOP 9 bad advice sunbathers

These recommendations are relevant for those who want guaranteed to get a sunburn and an increased risk of melanoma.

Burn nonsense, the sun, the skin will not spoil

A common misconception that red skin is good. Supposedly after peeling will remain a rich chocolate tan. There are people who believe that it is useful as sunburn, at least, do not harm in the long run. Maybe more, stripped off, will be held.

Meanwhile studied than can come back to haunt sunburn: today, ultraviolet radiation is considered the main risk factor of skin cancer. UV rays can damage DNA, resulting in uncontrolled cell division. Every time you burn, the risk increases.

Experts claim that UV rays can damage your skin, even if it was not sun burn.

The longer to lie under the sun, the better the tan

The longer you are under the sunlight, the higher the risk of a burn. Sometimes, it’s just fifteen minutes. Half an hour-hours-a-day is enough to in the skin developed the right amount of melanin and skin a beautiful shade.

It is better to sunbathe a few times slowly, than once the whole day lying on the beach.

The lighter the skin, the longer you need to sunbathe

In dark skin have more melanin pigment, so it is better protected from the devastating effects of ultraviolet rays. People with fair skin are more prone to sunburn, according to statistics, they more often melanoma arises. That person worse suited to stay under the sun, says light or red hair, blue or green eyes, freckles.

It is dangerous to burn, the holders of a large number of moles — they have an increased risk of melanoma.

Large moles should keep solar rays away.

Hell help tan better

Doctors, by contrast, does not suggest to sunbathe from 10:00 to 16:00 because at this time the activity of the solar radiation maximum. In these hours should try harder not to go out in the sun, or at least close to the body as tightly as possible.

The American society of cancer (American Cancer Society) offer a simple way that will help to determine whether it is safe to sunbathe. Look at your shadow: if its length is less than your height, then the sun is too high and the beach is to wait.

If you rarely go outside, an urgent need to “catch” the sun

People that spend most of their days to spend in the room, being cautious, being on the beach. It is impossible to celebrate the whole day lying on the sand under the sun’s rays, your skin is not ready for this, little melanin. So start small and “batch” the sun.

Forget about the sunscreen

Why is it, if you came to the beach to get a tan? In fact, these products do not protect skin from UV rays a hundred percent. They don’t hurt to get a nice tan, but will protect from burns.

While some believe that sunscreen not needed, others mistakenly rely too much on their protection. Nater — you can lie on the beach all day. Sunscreen is not designed to you could longer sunbathing, it is necessary to protect from burns and the prospect of cancer. It should be applied to exposed areas of the body whenever you go outside during the hottest time of the year.

In the winter often go to the Solarium

Doctors have some bad news for lovers of tanning: the American experts insist on the fact that their visit may be a direct cause of skin cancer. Each treatment increases the risk by 1.8%. Cigarette manufacturers long been obliged to write on a bunch of different variants of the phrase “Smoking kills”. Perhaps the time will come when the law will require that each tanning booth is adorned with the inscription “may cause skin cancer.”

Let the kids run a little longer under the sun — they are useful

Yes, the rays of the sun promote the synthesis of vitamin D. But their excess is especially dangerous for delicate baby skin. The risk of cancer throughout life is growing particularly strongly, if sunburn gets a small child.

Basic safety precautions already listed: walking in the morning (10:00) or evening (after 16:00) clothes made of thick fabric with long sleeves and trousers, hat, sunscreen. On the beach it is advisable to find a place in the shade where the child can play without risking a burn.

Sunburn is necessary to smear with oil

For sunburn popular folk remedies such as butter, lard, goose fat. Some very devoted followers of alternative medicine have resorted to external urine therapy. All of these tools not only help, but also can slow down the healing process.

Doctors also recommend drinking more water, to use painkillers, creams with hydrocortisone (it is better to consult a doctor before use it), moisturizing agents (for example, gels of aloe Vera), cold water soaked towel. If fever, blisters and bubbles, you need to go to the doctor.

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