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Back pain: doctors have named the main causes

Боль в спине: врачи назвали главные причиныBack pain is a common complaint of patients.

With back pain at least once in life faced by virtually all people, but some of it may require more serious treatment.

According to neurologists, there are some factors that increase the likelihood of back problems.

So, the neurologist from the First Moscow medical University Alexey Sergeev reported in the journal “Neurology, neuropsychiatry, psychosomatics”: the experience of back pain is available to 84% of the population. In most cases, the cause of such pain is not a specific disease but a nonspecific factor, the doctor noted.

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The expert said there are few circumstances that are most likely to be instigators of back pain:
– overweight, increases the load on the spine,
negative psychological factors, stress and constant mental stress,
– if left untreated, flat feet, because of which the arch of the foot can’t absorb shock to the spine when walking.

As for physical activity, the neurologist said: despite the apparent obviousness it does not affect the development of back pain. He also explained that signs of “wear and tear” of the spine, which refer pain to the back, you can find almost every person over 40 years – but not all at the same time hurts the back. Heredity can influence the appearance of pain, if parents had the gene that encodes the excess production of proinflammatory proteins.

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Only 15% of cases of back pain are caused by pathological changes in the spine, said the doctor. Such changes, according to the doctor may be a compression fracture, spondylolisthesis, neoplastic processes, ankylosing spondylitis, infection.

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