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Back pain: 8 main reasons

Боль в спине: 8 главных причин Back pain is a common complaint of patients.

Feeling pain in back brings not only discomfort, but also often completely forced to go on bed rest.

Traditional methods of dealing with such pain massage and painkillers do not always give the result, providing only temporary relief. To finally solve the problem, you need to install and treat her the true reason.

A sedentary lifestyle
Oddly enough, but the habit for a long time (more than 13 hours a day, including night sleep) to lie on Devane negatively affects your lower spine – the muscles in this area weaken and are unable to fully support the back during walking.

The need to spend many hours sitting, on the contrary, overload of the lower and upper spine, where there is pain, sometimes strong, in the neck and lower back.

Council. Every hour for 5-10 minutes doing small stretching exercises back muscles of torso left and right, forward and back. To disperse the blood in the pelvic area, do squats and lunges each leg alternately forward.

Alcohol and Smoking
Sounds corny, but back pain becomes a consequence alcohol consumption and Smoking. Both of these habits disrupt the normal blood circulation suffering from what, in particular, spine, intervertebral discs and back muscles. Therefore, in addition to the ability to aggravate pain, they also become their cause.

Council. Consume in a week not more than 50 ml of ethanol. If it is impossible sudden withdrawal from Smoking decrease the amount of cigarettes smoked. It is desirable to make ultrasonic of vessels – bad habits increase the risk and accelerate the development of atherosclerosis.

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Gastrointestinal diseases and caries
In view of the specific structure of the body, when experiencing pain in one of the bodies pain signals can be transmitted along the nerve endings absolutely in other places. Therefore, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the oral cavity can “shoot” as in the cervical and lumbar areas.

Council. For starters, if there is no visible problems with the stomach and the teeth, try changing your diet. Include more of fiber (vegetables and fruits) and dairy products. Perhaps with the establishment of digestion and normalization of microflora of intestines and oral cavity go away and back pain.

Stress and depression
We all know that nervous tension, anxiety, melancholy and depressive States are capable of provoking severe disease, because negative processes in the nervous system at the same time make “adjustments” with the hormonal system and immune function. Back pain is no exception. Stress occurs muscle tension.

Council. The best method of dealing with such pain, physicians recognize yoga and meditation. 15-20 minute sessions will give you the result the next day.

Enhanced training
It is believed that physical exercise positively affect the condition of the back. Yes, but under the condition that the load is reasonable. Too much exercise, lifting heavy loads or improperly performing exercises cause a muscle strain, displacement of intervertebral discs and can lead to complete immobilization.

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Council. Do not ignore back pain: soreness in the muscles takes place over 2-3 days, and longer discomfort are a signal of the need to visit a doctor and get an x-ray.

Delicate diseases
Such an intimate disease, such as cystitis, prostatitis or urinary infections often manifest themselves in aching pain in the lumbar region and sacrum – pain impulses are transmitted along nerve endings to the pelvic organs.

Council. With the appearance of questionable discharge, sharp pains when urinating or Neustupa 3-4 days of low back pain go to the urologist or the gynecologist. Untreated in time diseases of the genitourinary system quickly become chronic and difficult to treat.

Osteoporosis or cancer
Serious diseases, in particular, the development of tumors or reduced bone density, also appear “shot” and “whining” in the back. In such cases, the pain is not particularly intense and will attract the attention of “starvation”.

Council. Do not stint to pass the examination in the tomograph. Modern possibilities of CT and MRI help to identify complex diseases at early stages when they are treatable.

Long wearing on one shoulder a heavy purse or backpack may affect the upper or middle spine. All of this leads to poor circulation and work the stabilizing muscles.

Council. Try to evenly distribute the weight on both hands. Drop the habit to carry the bag on one side — change your shoulder every half an hour.

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