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Baby Panda riding on a toy horse, touched by the Network

Детеныш панды, катающийся на игрушечной лошадке, умилил Сеть Leave a favorite toy animal made food.

In a Network there was video as the baby Panda riding astride a toy horse.

This happened at the research base for giant Panda breeding of Chengdu in China.

The video shows how happy nine-month-old Panda cub named Quii riding on a red horse, and next to her sits a woman-an employee of the center.

However, the toy has lost its appeal, when the other caretakers for the pandas and suggested Cvii her favorite fruit is the Apple. Then the Panda left the horse and went there.

Meanwhile, the Network is gaining popularity touching video of how the caretaker cleans a little Panda in the Wolong nature reserve in Sichuan province, China. Little bear didn’t even protest when he was flipped upside down to brush.

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