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Babchenko laugh an ideal program candidate

Бабченко насмешил идеальной программой кандидата в президенты Babchenko landed almost everyone.

Well-known journalist made a list of core promises that will appeal to the majority of Ukrainians before the elections.

On his page in Facebook Babchenko published a popular political programme. He noted that his head is swollen from the excitement about the election of the future President. In this regard, in his blog there were 20 popular demands of the people.

First of all, the ideal candidate should promise voters free gas, water and buckwheat. This will allow citizens of Ukraine to save on utilities and food. The dollar needs to fall to 8 hryvnia. At the same time, the President needs to raise pensions to thousands of dollars and provide all the subsidies.

Бабченко насмешил идеальной программой кандидата в президенты

Babchenko also noted the hostility of society to the son of the current President of Petro Poroshenko. According to the program, it is all citizens have to pay taxes, to work and to fight in the Donbass. After all, “people are tired of war.” In addition, the blogger suggested to entrust the heir to make all roads in Ukraine.

The program also decides the fate of all the oligarchs. They should give all their wealth in favor of ordinary citizens. And pay all the taxes for the remaining residents of the country will become optional, “optional”. The oligarchs can retain only the ground to protect it from looting “Chinese”. Despite this, the Ukrainians will be able freely to cut wood in the Carpathians and produce amber.

The future President should promise each voter two “EuroBLECH”. For one, citizens will ride, and the second to burn when convenient. Free compensation in the future.

Babchenko also proposed to increase the allowable speed limit of the drive. So the difference is 20 kilometers generally will not be considered a violation, a 40 – questionable, and at 60 drivers will be able to “agree fast” with the police. Overall, the author calls upon to give “corruption fight to the death”. But to legislate a solution to issues through godparents. The President will also have to negotiate peace and compromise for everyone.

His sarcastic program the journalist made mention of Alexander Pushkin’s fairy tale about the Golden fish. He hinted that the people of Ukraine are put before the authorities requirements, comparable with the formation of “the mistress of the Sea”.

In turn, web users began to joke that gasoline should be to 4 hryvnia and regret that Babchenko cannot be President of Ukraine.

Бабченко насмешил идеальной программой кандидата в президенты
Бабченко насмешил идеальной программой кандидата в президенты

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