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Azerbaijan has threatened to “bulldoze” Armenia

Азербайджан пригрозил "сравнять с землей" АрмениюBaku responded sharply to threats of Armenia to use Russian missiles “Iskander”.

Azerbaijani Colonel Shair Ramaldanov stated that Azerbaijan will compare with the land of Armenia, which threatened to strike at 12 strategic sites in Azerbaijan.

The publication reports that the Armenian General Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan told reporters that Armenia has prepared a map with the designation of 12 sites in Azerbaijan, which the Armenian side could launch a missile attack.

“I have a map marked with 12 points, where people do not live, but there are important engineering infrastructure. And, if you hit these places, you can cause significant damage,” he said.

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“All of our facilities are securely protected from attacks from the air. Air defense forces of Azerbaijan is considering all possible threats and take appropriate measures to prevent them”,– said the Azerbaijani military.

“The most modern missile and artillery systems, the armament of Azerbaijan, can bulldoze the strategic and military sites not only in the occupied territories (occupied by Armenia Nagorno-Karabakh), but also in Armenia itself. Simply turn the target Metsamor nuclear power plant.

And if that happens, Armenia will not be able to live several centuries. If this plant will be hit, what will become of Armenia, what kind of tragedy will survive?”, warned Colonel Ramaldanov.

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