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AWAY got three awards Gotham Awards

In 2017 we will remember for a long time as a VERY good year for genre cinema. And this is largely due to Jordan Sawthat the Director and screenwriter of the sensational hit “Off” (Get Out). That night, horror-Thriller about racism bagged the prestigious award Gotham Awards in three categories!

In addition, recall that “Off” claim as much as five awards Independent spirit award, Golden globe (albeit as a Comedy). And rumours have persisted about the prospects for “Oscar”. To genre the film had such rapid success with the critics – seems that has not happened since “silence of the lambs”.

But back to the Gotham Awards. During the 27 to the annual awards ceremony, which took place in new York, Jordan Peele grabbed the prize as best writer and Director (Bingham Ray Breakthrough Director Award). In addition, “Away” won the Audience Award. And in the end the Saw movie was the main winner of the prize this year!

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Jordan Peele gets his prize.

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