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“Away” entered the top three highest-grossing hard horror of all time

That the American horror film “Away,” directed by Jordan Saw was a box office hit in the US, we wrote more than once. According to the results of last weekend, the film has collected already 162,85 million dollars. Even “Split” Shyamalan scored less (137,51 million). Moreover, “Mind” became one of the most profitable horror with rating R at the American box office in its entire history. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Take a look yourself, here is one of the top ten in this category:

1. “The exorcist” 1973 — $232,6 million
2. Hannibal 2001 — $165 million
3. “Off” 2017 — $162.8 million
4. “The witch from Blair: Course from the world” 1999 $140,5 million
5. The conjuring 2013 — $137,4 million
6. “Silence of the lambs” in 1991 — $of 130.7 million
7. “Shutter island” 2009 — $128,0 million
8. Prometey 2012: USD 126.4 million
9. “Paranormal activity” 2007: $107.9
10. Black Swan 2010 — $106.9

Not weak, right?

Moreover, the film is still in theaters, now in its eighth week, at the end, but from the same “Hannibal” Director Ridley Scott it is separated by only two million, so… Yes, most likely, by next week “Off” climbs to second place, where will be fixed for a long time.

But let’s expand our selection to include a horror movie with a more gentle age ratings PG and PG-13.

1. “The sixth sense” 1999 $293,5 million
2. “Jaws,” 1975 — $260,0 million
3. “Ghostbusters” 1984 — $242,2 million
4. “The exorcist” 1973 — $232,9 million
5. “Signs” 2002 — $227,9 million
6. “World war Z” 2013 $202.3 million
7. The mummy returns” 2001 — $202 million
8. Hannibal 2001 — $165 million
9. “Off” 2017 — $162.8 million
10. “What lies beneath” 2000 — $155,4 million

Ninth place. For all the times. Not so bad, isn’t it? Moreover, many of the films of the horror genre are rather formal. On the other hand, these lists do not account for inflation, so the gap between old and new patterns must be more, but hell, we showed the main thing: “Away” is another breakthrough this teen horror film in a large cinema.

Looking forward to may 11when it will host the Russian premiere of the film.

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