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Average daily receipt of Russians for the week decreased to 542 roubles

Средний ежедневный чек россиян за неделю снизился до 542 рублей

Weekly average check lost 1 ruble 41 kopecks, according to the research of holding “ROMIR”

MOSCOW, October 16. /TASS/. Average daily check of the Russians at the end of the week decreased slightly and amounted to 542 of the ruble, according to data of the holding “ROMIR” at the disposal of TASS.

The index is the weekly average check displays the dynamics of average value of purchases households made in the course of a week. It is calculated for each calendar week on the basis of data on household consumption.

“Last week, with 7 to 13 October, the average check, as well as weekly expenses showed a decline. So, the weekly average check lost 1 ruble 41 kopecks relative to values of previous weeks and stopped at around 542 of the ruble. Compared to the same week last year, the average receipt also declined slightly – by 3 rubles 20 kopecks, or 0.6%. If we compare the current value of the weekly average bill at an average annual rate over the last 12 months, the average check at 41 weeks (of years) was lower by 3 rubles 60 kopecks or 0.7%,” – said in the message.

ROMIR, a Russian private holding company specializing in marketing, media and socio-economic research.

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