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“Avatar” in reality: how it will look in the Park by the blockbuster

The largest and most visited entertainment center in the world is Disney world located in Orlando (Florida), soon will add two new theme parks. Both of them will be devoted to cinematic distant planets: one created by the blockbuster “Avatar”, and the other is based on the popular franchise “Star wars.”

“Avatar” in reality: how it will look in the Park by the blockbuster

News about Disney’s plans to expand its fleet (remember, the size and so takes more than hundreds of square kilometers) appeared in the press last year. As it became known, James Cameron personally took part in the development of “Pandora…”. The work on the creation of the Park is in full swing: the first visitors will come to him in the summer of 2017.

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The first sketches for theme Park “Avatar” in China

Concept art of the Park based on “Avatar”

Guests will be offered two attractions: Canoeing on the “sacred river” that flows among the radiant rainforest, and fly on a simulator mountain Banshee is a mystical animal, like a dragon, which, according to the film, used by the Na’vi people for hunting in the air and travel long distances.

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The announcement of the future Park “Avatar”

As for the Park dedicated to Star wars, it will resemble the planet Tacoda, which partially unfolds the action of the episode “the Awakening power”. Tourists on Tadano will deliver the ship “Millennium Falcon”, and in the Park they can walk with unusual aliens shown in films.

Concept art of the Park based on Star wars

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