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Avakov told all about their income

Аваков рассказал все о своих доходахThe Minister received a salary of 200 thousand UAH more than in 2015.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has posted on his page in Facebook his e-return for 2016.

He also gave a corresponding link to the document on the official website of Nacagent on the prevention of corruption APK.

According to the Declaration, the salary of the Minister at the principal place of work for the year amounted to 466 121 UAH.

Also, the number of income he indicated the repayment of the nominal value of Treasury obligations In the Military Series – 20 thousand UAH, and redemption of coupons of the Treasury bond Military Series 2800 UAH.

In addition, the head of the interior Ministry received dividends according to the decision of the General meeting Avitalia s.r.l. from 14.10.2016 that have not been on account of accrual and were not paid in 2016 for €148 423.

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Avakov’s wife received a salary in the basic place of work – 289 032 UAH; the income from alienation of securities and corporate rights – UAH 156 13.

“Wife sold shares in the amount of 13,156 thousand UAH and dedication gave my son the shares of JSC “Investor” with a nominal value of not more than 210 UAH. The Italian company, owned by me – Avitalia s.r.l., in which my interests, according to the law, the management is authorized licensed lawyer in comparison with the year 2015 appeared two operating tourist company, registered in the appropriate register in November 2016. 100% each of these companies belongs Avitalia s.r.l. To 31.12.16 to this day – declared authorized capital of each of these companies – 10000 $ – not paid yet”, – said the Minister.

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He noted that established companies are not conducting activities.

“The changes have occurred in cash and Bank accounts – I closed my account in Alfa-Bank, increased its presence in the state “Oshchadbank” and “Ukreximbank”. Property status of movable and immovable property has not changed, except that three bottles of great wine became less. Probably crashed”, – he joked.

Avakov also promised that his tax return will be filed in accordance with Law until may of this year.

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